Monday, October 6, 2008


It’s burning.
Oh ya it’s hurting me deep in there,
That look of theirs makes me feel guilty…
Cause this life of mine is a fake!

I’m scared…
I don’t know what they’ll think…
They love me,
But why am I cheating on them?

They tell me everything,
I wish I had the courage to face them.
Cause I hate to hide from them,
I hate it when they think I’m who I know I’m not!

Oh ya!
I’m feeling so guilty.
So very bad…
Just wanna jump out of the dark,
And tell them who I am!

I’m scared that I may loose them,
Does it mean I’m afraid of the way I am?
They are my friends…
Then why do I feel they’ll leave me when they know who I am?

They are intelligent…
It does worry me a bit.
I worked hard for my exams…
But why didn’t I do well like them?

This is the time
To test them,
To see if they really care and love me.
But why don’t I have to courage to tell them who I really am?
Does it mean,
I’m ashamed of being who I am?


  1. aww!! that feels so like me!! wat do u get inspired from anywhoo?

  2. Heyyy!
    I read one of ur comments on krl's blog, haha taylor's blog IS famous =)
    and i love ur poetry! its so awesome and feels like u have so much emotion in it. and its almost like ur actually saying it, like when u say oh yeah, idk i just really like it =)

  3. oh of course! thanks for the comments too :)

    important and valuable people aspire to truth. to beauty. to what something really is.
    the ones that matter will love your truth

  4. So dibby pawsometastic! :DD Where'd you get that pic?


  5. Cool poem!! And I love the picture - it's so beautiful, and the message is amazing. Btw, thanks so much for the really nice comment :)

  6. I know it's a compliment but I took it the wrong way. Cute? How is my blog cute?


    p.s. yup. vic and taylor are my best friends in blogger. yup. they seem rly nice :)


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