Thursday, October 30, 2008


Getting back to the past,
Let me tell you how it was;
The blue shirt of yours...
With the heart taking axe deo...
The scar below your drunken eyes,
To that puppy smile of yours...

Trust me!
I must confess,
You took my breath away!


  1. sImple yet the first two lines..
    keep on writing gal!

  2. Hey there,

    If you would like to be a Column Writer at The Deko and Posh Blog---log on and I think the 3rd header down is the column subjects dekoposh, Inc. is looking for. Look them over and pick which one you might like to have. Then each week on that day you will write on our blog and have your own column. Very cool, right? You will only need to write 4 times a month. Let us know. We look forward to having you.


  3. awww!!! how sweet!!!

    and sweet i'ma talk 2 ya there!!! i've come 2 a decision!!! ima blog about it :P lol sry

  4. cool poem! and i love the picture! i love the last line, 'You took my breath away!' it's so sweet! =)


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