Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leaves ()f S()rrow

Yellow leaves are falling,
Like tears from your eyes.
I see those birds hide in their nests,
Just like your heart is crawling inside.

The wind blows so softly,
Oh how I wish I could carry you away…
Away from the pain,
Away from the sorrows you keep in you.

Life is hard, I know it is.
But hold my hand, and I’ll help you pass through it.
I can’t stand those tears you’re trying to fight,
I can’t see you fall apart…
Cause you’re my friend,
And I love you so much!


  1. Hey!! I haven't been to ur blog for a while so now I'm here and above!! whos in that picture?? I can' really see their face.

  2. omg i <3 that poem!!!
    those quizzes usually work out 4 me, idk i just like them =)

  3. great poem, its really awesome!!! and that picture is seriously cool. and i also hope this computer starts working again, its irritating me :( so how've u been?


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