Saturday, October 18, 2008

()n My Way T() G()d

As the sun sets down,
I gradually sink inside.
As it all becomes dark outside,
It's as if I'm gonna loose it all.
As I feel that soft breeze on my face,
I feel a tear stick to my eyelids,
I'm all alone in the dark,
With no place to go to.

I feel so scared out here,
SO left alone....
My tummy grumbles,
As I smell food.

I wish I could go home
If only I'd have a place to go to...
My bare arms are my only companions.
Dust stick to my toes,
I feel a pinch of pain rush in me.
I know I'm dying...
I can feel it right in me.

I wanna hold on more long,
I wanna stay back...
But my feet slip off the cliff...
As I close my eyes.
I'm scared and I feel light,
That is when I know,
I'm on my way to God...


  1. interesting? cute? you really dont expand on what youre thinking much, do you?

    eh, whatever.


  2. hey!

    i like ur poem and the picture! where do u find all of these? =D

  3. awww, that was incredibly sad, but it was amazing!!! ok, i hope that made sense, but anyway ya, i almost did that 2 my shoes, hmmm, i cant even remember wat i said, but i was really tired, but not sleep tired, like, exhausted lemme sit down tired... ok, idk wat i'm saying anymore

  4. my test was really good, i just hope i got a 100! ill be so mad if my final grade drops to a 99! :P

  5. I love this one!

    The drawing is wonderful!!!


  6. i love the blog its great ya i am young but i am turning 13 soon so coolio :) i love converse btw

  7. portugal is alright.

    and i dont wanna talk about wat i got pierced. lets just say there is still a scar-like line in the centre of my tongue. and im now phobic of the color green. nuff sed?




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