Friday, October 31, 2008


You don't need to worry,
No more sorrows you'll behold;
Just hold my hand and flow along...
Cause I'm gonna fly you away,
Away from the pain you keep inside,
Away from all that hurts you...
All you gotta do is,
Close your eyes...
Trust me,
And fly along!


  1. thanks. hopefully i will get over it.



  2. thats another great poem!!! :P lol

    and i no right!!! i just cant, so i started today, i will not eat meat ever again!!! and i dont care how many people tell me i'm crazy!!! lol

  3. i love the poem and the picture! (again) =D

    it would be cool just to be able to go to a nice quiet place, just to think for awhile. or even just read or draw.

    hmmm...that would b nice =)

  4. lolololoolololololol, sry, but it is gross!!! and wats terrible is, its only been one day, and i dont want to eat meat or anythin, but i cant find ANYTHING to eat at my house!!! nothing without meat!!! its really upsetting to tell you the truth :( it makes me sad :(


Your words mean a lot :)