Saturday, October 4, 2008


I’ve got my hands on my face,
I’m trying to stop those tears from flowing.
I gotta get out of my world
And learn to face the world that once ruined me!

There was nothing I could do,
Everything I did was a waste.
But now I know how far life has gone from me.
I know I stayed back…
Hid in my shell for a long time.
But now it’s different…
This time I’ll never let myself go.
I will be,
I’ll try…
I’ll get myself together
I’ll make everything okay!

I thought I had nothing…
But when I saw them all suffering,
I realized what life has done for me.
All my life I’ve stayed in my cover…
..Scared to face this world,
But now I know the facts…
And I know I have to try
And I will be
And I will show them all
That I’m back
To get what I’ve always wanted.


  1. Nah, I think she has so many comments only because me, her and Victoria comment eachother too much. LoL

  2. that was such a great post.

  3. Pawsome! :D You should be famous! XD

  4. I agree with everyone who commented here.

    Even the first comment.

  5. thanks a ton!
    yours deffinately is too :)

  6. thanks a ton!
    yours deffinately is too :)

  7. sweet!!! i love it, and o ya, i think the most i've ever had is 34 or 36... somewhere around there :P but i cheated on that one, my friend commented me a zillion times, but the most without cheatiing is 26, now 28, but ya, anyway thanks :P lol

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  9. Wow, I like this poem too! You always have the coolest pictures :)


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