Friday, October 24, 2008

D() You Exist?!

I wish I could hide in your arms,

Place my head on your lap...
And cry my sorrow out.
But where are you?
Cause I can't see you!

They say you're there.
They tell that you care.
But it's hard to believe them...
Cause I can't feel you in here.

They say that you watch,
They say that we're your children.
But it's hard to believe them,
Cause my life's still a drag.

I don't know if you're true.

I can't tell that I trust you...
I just follow what they are doing,
And try to believe in you.

Even if you don't exist,

I love to talk to you...
I can't sense you around...
But I wanna bury my head in your arms!


  1. deep.
    I could totally relate to this.
    easy to understand.

    thanks for the comment.

  2. omg i love the picture! the sky looks so cool! and i love ur poems, i think its because i can relate to them so easily =)

    haha i actually dont like half days that much, its so boring! theres never anything to do! =P

  3. i wouldnt expect you to be. neither am i. like, id never buy them.

    i just think they're a really good idea.

    and it's rly cool.


  4. Awesome! & I love the picture too!


Your words mean a lot :)