Sunday, October 19, 2008

I L()ve Y()u

The soft touch of you still haunts me,
Oh how I miss that twinkle of your eye…
Your soft bark still rings in my ears,
Cause you’re my dog…
And I miss you so much!

You may not be with me anymore,
But deep down you lie in me…
And my heart won’t let you go
And I need you to know,
.....that I love you like thee!


  1. Omg i love ur pic too!

    i hope u do well on ur science test! i always did poorly in in science too =P

    and i actually slept in today until 10! but im still tired! ill probably have to sleep all day to catch up =)

  2. wh what a great post. Love the pic. <3

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the cutest puppy EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
    and the poem was really great to!!!

    and i'm bored, once again, i'm babysitting my 2 youngest sisters and 3 of thier freinds, which isnt to bad, they arent screaming becauz of the 'haughnted room' AKA the movie room anymore :P lol so its all good, as long as they dont tip the hammock over again :P
    how bout u?

  4. That puppy I soooooo CUTE!!!!
    I wish I had a DOG.

  5. The dog is so adorable :)

    Glad you liked my Homecoming pictures. Hit me back more often!

    =] peace&love

  6. how cute!

    Yeah. I play piano...actually I have a bunch of songs uploaded in old blog posts. search the tag "piano" on my blog and they should show up ^_^

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  8. Wow, that reminds me of my cat when he died when I was younger - I had felt so heartbroken. That's a beautiful poem.


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