Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moonlight Kiss.. December '04. Part 1

"Michael! I'll drown. Put me down.."
"Till I'm there, you actually think I'll let you?"
"The water is more powerful than you are!"
"There is nothing more powerful than my love for you.."

I squeal as I'm thrown into the water. It pulls me in.
It is fierce and strong. I cannot swim.. As I struggle to hold him, I feel his arms around me. He lifts me up and smiles.

"Are you crazy! I could have died!" I snap.
"Crazy? Yes, I am for you. And I want us to die in each others arms."

Our eyes meet..and he holds my hands. His grip is tight, stopping me from tripping over.

"Will you marry me?" He asks.

The sun sets in the distance, and the colours reflect upon him.
Every line of his face is clearly visible, and his eyes look intense and deep. I move closer. My eyes are fixed on his.

"Yes I will.." I softly say.

He envelopes me in his arms, and as our lips meet, he slides a ring down my finger.

The sun sets, and we feel the rain bless us.
He lifts me up, and twirls me around..

"Are you scared?" He asks..
"You think?"
"We'll see!"

He smiles and throws me into the water. The saltiness mixes with the taste of his lips.
I float..and the ring on my finger shines under the moonlight.
I am not scared. I know he will stay.

"I love you." He whispers, and wraps his arms around me.
I cuddle into him, and breathe into his chest.
He takes the cold away.. He makes me feel safe.



  1. A sequel to it? Naice!

    I am waiting eagerly.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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    here are the download links..just select links with lower gbs.

  3. beautiful :) very lovely!

    - <3

  4. very nice...the bginnings of a life together...i am interested to see the next part...def romantic...

  5. the first few lines are so charming..!
    and yes the whole post too is well written..!

  6. Like Blasphemous Aesthete asked you, is their a sequel??

    Simple yet beautiful!

  7. That's romantic and sweet :) i too hope there would be a sequel too :)

  8. All drenched in love and sweetness!
    Bring in the sequel soon :)

    Love, Risha :)

  9. The next? I am eager... its very passionate and lovely :) :)


  10. Its that thing about being in His arms that makes you feel complete.

    Waiting for more.
    x :)


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