Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aura.. Guest Entry (Risha)

Here's the guest entry done by Risha :)
Check her out at http://melodicscribbles.blogspot.com/

By now,
She drew me in , and I never resisted back.
Her smile was like sunshine brightening my days and enameling my nights, even more!

By now,
Life was no more a barren land, as she blossomed it with her enchanting essence,
I wanted her, just her and no one else, and I was lucky 'coz she was mine, just mine and no one else's,
I asked her, "Princess, Will you marry me?" and she painted the color of love on my white sky,
Saying, "Anytime Sweetheart"
And By now,
We were no longer apart, not strangers anymore, we were right there, living together,
In each other's very soul, we found a place of our own!


  1. finally....
    yes this is good...! the ending is happy..!! :))
    i likes it..!
    keep writing
    p.s- i have written a love story too read it and tell me if you like it...!

  2. But where do I fit it in? It's nice, it's a possibility, but then where do I fit it in?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Awe it was a happy ending...but Risha wat about her past she was gonna marry someone else...did she leave him ??

    But it was cute...pic even more :D


  4. Hey people, I wrote this one as a continuation after Aura 3, I hope that answers all your queries now! :)

  5. I have same query as BA, where does this fit in?
    I thought they were separated.. :|

    Happy ending :|

    I want pain, more pain, dark, fire balls from hell, death metal, black,.. o_O


  6. ohh.. the mistiming in comments... blogger you do this to me always :|

  7. Parallel universe :)
    Nicely written :)


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