Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aura.. (Part 5)

I felt my heart break for the first time that day..

And now, I realize that, the feelings I had and I have for her, is of love.
She is gone now. Far away.. And all that I have of her is her memories.. Her sweet perfume, her deep eyes that bid me goodbye and said that she would never forget me.
She was my first. She was the first one to touch my heart, and my soul..
And to break them..

I keep my phone aside..close my book and drift away..letting her laughter make its way to my soul...

So, this is it guys. The end of my story :)
I know many of you wanted a happy ending. So, anyone who would like to make a guest entry, continuing the story and making it a happy ending, are welcome :)

My next post is going to be a guest entry done by Risha who wanted a happy ending really badly :P

Take Care!


  1. Sigh :-|

    Firsts will always be firsts, be it heart breaks or first loves. They'll always be dear.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww...!!
    ohhkaaayyy...!! i am not the typical love-bird and neither do i believe in it...!
    but the story is ofcorse touching..!
    maybe the girl and boy meet up above in heaven..!
    life's short death is eternal...!

  3. Oh, I would like to write a guest entry too. The story is simple and touching but you just gave me an opportunity to add a little bit of complexity?

    All right, I'm flattering myself too much. But yes, it's well-written as always. :)

  4. True love stories are always left incomplete.. that's how they end coz they never do :)
    Hehe, as I said, at one point of time, it did touch my story. Loved the series.


  5. Lovely post..sad though. ;D


    Heartbreaks are painful *sigh*

  6. Happy endings are boring. I like it this way.

    Great post.

  7. Lovely series...

    But all good things do come to an end one day :)


  8. it has been! i've been pretty good, you?

  9. Haha! great initiative :D Lets see how Risha ends it :) :)

  10. Hmmmm.... Nice... I liked it... Ditto like susmit... Waitin for Risha's version :)

  11. @ Blasphemous Aesthete: First love is never forgotten.. Thank you :)

    @ Suvaiba: Maybe they do meet :) If they were meant to be together! Glad you liked it :)

    @ Rose: Go ahead :D And write! I'll post it up :)

    @ Aakash: Indeed..some stories are left, and to start again is very difficult!
    Would like to read your story :P

    @ Sunakshi: Thank You :)

    @ Hamza: But in reality, we all want a happy ending :) Thank you :D

    @ Famita: Glad you liked the series :) Well..we can't really expect things to last :) We always learn from our past!

    @ Sushmit and Supernick: Will post her story tomorrow :D

  12. ohkay this may sound strange but yeyiee IV ALSO WRITTEN ONE LOVE STORY
    check it out...!
    mmmm iv posted the 1st part till now..!
    hope you like it


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