Friday, September 30, 2011

"If life gives us black and white..
Echo it back with a beautiful melody!"

I lift the lid, and look down at the keys.
Black and white-
The blacks above the whites. Just the way my life has become.

I press a key. The sound echos. It feels hollow. I feel empty..

Pulling the seat out from under the piano, I sit on it.
Taking a deep breath, I press some more keys. They feel unfamiliar, but it is something I once knew. Something I once loved doing..

"Playing a melody. Creating music."

The keys are dusty. The piano is old and untouched. As I play, I can see my fingerprints staying back.
I run my fingers through all the keys at a go. The dust blows and the prints are no longer seen.
I gently try to adjust to the blacks and the whites.

I try playing a new melody..
A new music, a new beginning with the same old chords!

As the sounds echo, they fill me up, making me finally smile..

Got exams coming up, so won't be on the blog sphere for a while!
You guys take care till then :)
I'll be back after a while! :)



  1. hey thanks for the wishes..! and black and white was never defined so sensuously and beautifully..! :)
    n all the best..! :)

  2. the important thing is you are playing...i can do a little piano but could listen to one play for much longer...smiles

  3. i recently watched celebrity ghost stories and a celeb told a story about how she bought piano of a dead legendary musician and it was haunted :D


    Chintu Singh

  4. I really liked the first two lines... A great start to the post. Some even compare the black and white keys to sorrow and happiness.. Just like how you need both the keys to compose a beautiful melody, you need both happiness and sorrow to have a beautiful life :) Great read!!

    Life's like that

  5. Sometimes black and white is beautiful! ;)
    But yay at happily ever afters..
    You you you make me smile :D

  6. And I thought you said that you couldn't write? ^^

    The feeling of expressing yourself through music, beautifully written. I refreshing change from your usual writing. :)

  7. All the best to ur exams.. so well and come back :)

  8. it was so well written :)
    philo u caught my heart with these lines

    "If life gives us black and white..
    Echo it back with a beautiful melody!"

    Awesome... Super like !!

    Good luck for examz... Do well ... we all will b right here when u come back !!

  9. to be born with music
    to live with music
    and to die in its embrace..

  10. of luck with your music and best of luck with your exams :)

  11. All the best with ur 'xams, PhilO.. hope u find them as melodious as ur music...

    Nice post here..liked the way u took us frm the time u touched the piano tll the smile in the end :)

    "Rock" On, PhilO.. ;)

  12. the things you write are so lovely. candy to the heart :)

    - <3

    p.s sorry I disappeared for a bit. College got in the way of my blogging, but I've just made a new post so check it out! :)

  13. PhilO,

    Read all pending posts. Enjoyed Aura by Risha as it had happy ending while Rose wrote well though with sad ending. Some of your poems/posts make me wonder if these are fiction?

    Take care


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