Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aura.. (part 4)

And then...
I realized that I had to let go of her.. I realized that she could never belong to me.

She was getting married and she had to leave. I knew she was happy, but I knew that she was sorry. She had never expressed what she felt for me, but I knew that a part of her always wanted to be with me. And now, she was sorry for having to let go. Her eyes spoke to me, and I, understood what she felt.
I felt her soft hands for the last time. I felt her lips brush against mine, and I felt her smell leave, as I watched her fade away from me..

She let go of me, before I could understand my feelings for her...


  1. This ain't done girl!
    I thought they gonna get married and will spend the rest of their lives together but this, it broke my heart!

    But you are good at surprises, so well done! :)

    Love, Risha :)

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  3. But he was naive, unaware. Her absence was much more powerful then her presence.
    He was supposed to be strong and so he was. Atleast for the world, but inside he thought of her everytime he tried not to. He smelled her in the rain that no longer dripped his soul. He felt her in the dry air sitting on the balcony at night, the same balcony where they had sat for hours without speaking but they spoke a thousand emotions, as the silence then was blissful and the silence now hurt him.
    But then she was happy. And so was him.


  4. eehh..somehow ..i hate the girl..she is irritating me..poor lover boy :(

  5. wow...! i am not much of a romantic chick likes but definitely this one moved me .... ahh... surely i felt bad fr tha guy...!! but thats Ok life is abt this...!
    keep writing

  6. AURA was well-written...I definitely liked reading it and somehow I knew by part 2 that they weren't meant to be together...

    The guy was just learning some new lesson in life about love... Plus not all stories are happily-ever-after's na...Sometimes in love, you have to let go... :)

    P.S. thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving a comment..I'm glad you liked it :) ♥

  7. Its better to have loved and lost rather than never have loved at all!

    but its all for the sake of saying..coz it does hurt like hell...

    Nice series...liked it!

    In fact you've got a nice blog too :)


  8. Hey.. I was just flipping through various blogs.. The reason i stopped by was cos ''Philo'' is my mom's name.. But honestly.. I am dazed at each of the pieces you have written... Splendid work :)
    definitely following you and waitin to

    P.S. : do check my blog too n let me knw how you felt.. :)
    cheers :)

  9. @ Risha: Well, some things can't last forever :)
    Do a guest entry with a happy ending :D

    @ Aakash: Wow :D You just wrote down your story and linked it with mine :) The absence of a person is indeed very powerful.. and it is painful too.

    @ Ayu: Sometimes a person does not realize what he or she is doing :)

    @ Suvaiba: Thank You for your comment :) Life is about ups and downs :) One must learn to deal with things!

    @ Confused soul: All stories aren't fairy tales :) Glad you liked it :)

    @ Fatima: Letting go is not easy. It does hurt. But then, we even learn the hard truths of life..

    @ Super Nick: Thank You for stopping by :D Glad you liked my work :) Do come by again!

  10. Oh it ended already? It was flowing breezily. Good things and good times often have to pass. Alas, sigh.

    Nice read.
    I wonder what cards would have turned up had he told her about his feelings.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. Is it the ending?Alas,i thought you will be coming up with 4 or 5 parts.Great read anyway.Truly loved it. :)

  12. Aura of her mesmerized me.. filled the room with fragrance of jasmine and than it all vaporizes in a mist of illusion. She was all gone.

    Love the dynamics :)

    Weakest LINK

  13. Aww I loved this <3 write more pweez :D:D

  14. Philo,

    I think I had left my comment on this earlier but do not see it. Anyways read all parts of Aura again and loved it. No post for long time? Hope all is well.

    Take care


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