Friday, September 9, 2011

Broken I am,
I cannot breathe.
How can I live,
When you have sucked the life out of me..
Tattered I lie,
Betrayed I feel.
Numbness all around,
My tears fail to seize..

I trusted you..
But you,
You cut through me,
And left me.

I gave you all you wanted,
Lived my life as you pleased..
You made me feel worthless,
You sucked everything I was meant to be.

Lifeless I feel,
No voice left in me..
I want to get up,
I long to regain my strength.

Broken I am,
Tattered I lie..
I cannot breathe,
How do I survive?

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  1. don't pity on me,
    coz I will survive..
    broken, but I'll still fight,
    myself, not you.
    Your reds, are now my blues.
    Don't explain,
    coz I can't,
    I won't forgive you.
    But, I'll wish
    you and your dirty truth,
    find peace,
    when you face, solace.
    I'll rise,
    to your surprise,
    broken, but I'll still fight,
    myself, not you.


  2. awwww baby... why sady sady...!
    but i like the poem...! and thank you so very much for reading my posts..!
    and i like this pic a lot..! this post's pic..!
    its so cute..!

  3. Nostalgic, seems like someone is really heart broken and wants to see no light, refuses it's existence throughout.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Haye Allah.
    Itna sad.

    This poem by Aakash is interesting!

    This was by you, right?

  5. Why so painful?
    It's the pain that makes the poem stand out.
    But like BA says, light is something she HAS to see and without hope, there IS no tomorrow.

    And aJ's done a good job of it as well.

  6. hmmm... its a bit sad but beautifully written.. and this is exactly why i say you write beautifully :)
    hey.. your being humble.. i said that you write better cos you really do..!! i would never be able to write something AURA..!!! that says it all.. :) :)

  7. How deep I may be broken, I will stand to kiss you my beloved in the mist of fragile faith.

    Liked it :)

    Weakest LINK

  8. @ Aakash: Powerful, I must say :) Very well written!

    @ Suvaiba: Thank You :) I'll surely come by your blog again!

    @ BA and Priyanka: Sometimes, when times are tough, it is very difficult to stand up and fight! Glad you both liked it :)

    @ Ovais: Yup, it was by me :) I liked Aakash's one too :D

    @ Supernick: Glad you liked it :) Well, if you try writing something like I did, you may turn out to be better :P And, I wasn't just saying it to be humble :)

    @ Rachit: Thank You :D

  9. hmm...i felt the same in college when i was in a bad relationship...i wonder what made you write this :)

    very painful yet a brilliant writeup indeed.

  10. sob sob.. :'(
    I was expecting a better comment Philo.. you gave only the standard one :P


  11. aww..this is so sad..but good..too much emotions..realistic enough :)

    RE:yep..but i havent finished the whole series..but i love prince of tennis <3

  12. This so sad. =( =( =(

    I think the poem by Aakash is great!

  13. @ Chintan : Well.. It was just an idea for a poem, and that is how I wrote it :) Plus, I had seen a picture of a broken doll.. It kind of got me down to write the poem :) Glad you liked it!

    @ Aakash : Haha :D I love your writing, and you know it :)

    @ Ayu: Thank You :)

    @ Hazma: Yup, the poem written by him is lovely :)

  14. Hope is the one that brings us alive in such moments of despair.
    Its a li'l nostalgic for us all cos we all through similar phases .. broken hearts, lost friends.. happens!
    If its just a work of art , it is poignant and good :)


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