Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Sang To Me

The songs still remind me of you.
When I listen to them, I think of you.
And when I sing along, I remember you singing them to me.
They used to be our lullaby. They were our songs. Do you remember?

Your arms were my castle. You sang to me.. making me feel safe. I could lie with you forever.. I wanted to. But you?

You sang promises to me. Fake ones.. Behind your comforting voice were nothing but lies. You disguised yourself in front of me, and I drifted away with the songs you filled me up with.
I was a fool. I believed you.
I was a fool. I gave in to you.
And I was a fool because I closed myself within your songs. You built fake walls for me, and I engulfed myself within them.

You broke them when the time came. You left, leaving me to pick up the broken pieces. And as I try to re build the castle, I listen to the songs you used to sing to me. And you are all I think about.
I was a fool to love you. I'm still a fool because I still love you, even though you sang nothing but fake promises to me.

I still hold on to them. They are still my lullaby, while you're singing them to someone else now..

"I'm Yours"- The Script.
The first song you sang to me. You were never mine. That was your first lie.


  1. Very thoughtful composition Juhi! The first time you sang to me you were not mine.. lovely

  2. This itself is a song with a broken tone, pain and emptiness.
    Such pain really stays and everytime the song comes up memories hit our head.


  3. Pain seeps from your words...
    Guess in every relationship there are songs that the two share... as true or a lie as it may be.

  4. painful...those that will manipulate you using the magic of song...

  5. This is very heartfelt here my friend, I feel the sad emotion, I don't know why people just meant to hurt someone, that is disgusting, but to love, its not being fool... in the end, we are not the one who well feel the bitter fruits of lies... have a great day! Superb! :)

  6. Soulful. Beautifully penned. :)

  7. And I still hold on <3
    So pretty. Loved the flow of words ..

  8. very well written.... :)
    this is my favourite song too.

    love x

  9. "Your arms were my castle. You sang to me.. making me feel safe. I could lie with you forever.. I wanted to. But you?"

    Beautiful writing! The entire composition touched my emotions. This is my definition of *great* writing! :)

  10. some of those lines seem right out of my life :(

    nicely written

  11. Philo,

    Thoughts of one cast aside by beau penned so truthfully.

    Take care

  12. very sweet n musical post :)
    though a bit poignant but full of emotions...
    many will b able to connect to it.

  13. Hello my friend Just to tell you that I am here again, and got some glimpse of your awesome and beautiful blog! Expect me to be at your next entry. More power and keep your thoughts coming :)

  14. Its soo beautiful :)

  15. Little painful but beautifully penned.....:)

  16. the irony is so well presented.
    crafted with passion.
    sometimes pain is the very element which enhances all other emotions.
    so pretty..

  17. Beautiful! And very truthful! It feels really bad when someone you love and trust leaves u like that.
    Very good PhilO.

    P.S: I'd also really appreciate it if you take a look at this piece I wrote

  18. Wow..really good one. I think people should go through it. Thank you for sharing.

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