Friday, December 9, 2011

Cupcake Love (Final Part) :)

I don't wale up until late noon. I make my way to the washroom.
I pass through Mike's room. He's home. The door is slightly ajar. There is someone else with him.
Yes. There is someone else in there with him.
That someone else is kissing my brother. Oh yes!
And that someone is a GUY! Yes, you heard me correct!
And that guy, who is kissing my brother, is Luke!! Oh Man, oh Man! Tell me it's a dream please.

I keep staring at them, and I can't believe it.
Mike unbuttoning Luke's shirt.
Luke blushing.
Mike and Luke disappearing under a blanket.

I rub my eyes. I pinch myself. I can't believe what all just happened!

I sit down with a tray of cupcakes.
I hear Mike and Luke laugh. They run down the stairs.
"Hey Maria!" Luke smiles.
"Hi! Where are you guys off to?" I ask.
"Soccer! Wanna cheer?" Mike sneers.

I smile as I watch them go out.
"Hey Luke!" I call out to him. "There's a sale in the town. They have amazing stuff. Wanna go later?"
"Sure. I'll pick you up!" My Greek God waves at me, and runs off behind Mike.

I bite into my cupcake.
I've always wanted a gay friend. At least I got one. Plus I got to kiss the guy of my dreams. =)

Life is funny, I tell you! :)

With this I come to end of another story :)
I'll be back soon with another one :)

Thanks to all of you for reading! :)

Philo :)


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha.
    Oh, just rofl.
    I love the twist you put in :P

    I was right. You have an amazing writing ability!

  2. well i did not see that one coming...nice twist...

  3. WHAT? Okay! Why are twists these days giving me a direct hit in my stomach? ARGHHH!
    Good job done ree. And the picture, hahah, I need to start searching NOW.

  4. That is just cute :D

    I mean how cool is that! get to kiss the guy of the dreams and find a gay friend :D

    Too good :D

  5. whhhhattttt ???? uh oh.. whyy.. darn . why are all d good looking guys turning gay ...aaargghhhh

    awww... am feelin bad for maria :( ...

    nice twist , i loved the way, her acceptance towards luke bein gay is shown with her askin him to go shoppin wt her :D ...

    nicely wrapped up :)

  6. Oh.. funny ending.. I mean it was unexpected. ;) Lol!! TC :)

  7. Hahahaha
    I been reading all of these you been posting.I must say what an unexpected ending.
    Great work :)

  8. Hahahahaha.....Loved the twist really.....Of all your stories, I loved this one...;)

  9. Philo,

    Some twist. But it is fine accepting orientation of a person.

    I forgot to congratulate you on crossing 300 post mark. Wish you reach 500 soon.

    Take care

  10. shoot that was an end I did not expect...yayiee lol though.. :)

  11. ahh..! this was fun.. yaar... aye haye i also want a gay frnd. :P
    and that comment was totally genuine and you deserve it..!
    <3 love and tc

  12. I knew there would be a twist, but tune toh orientation hi twist kar diya! :p

    P.S: Thanks for dropping by at my blog.. Would like to see you over there again and again.. =)

  13. Its true every girl needs a gay best friend.

  14. haaaaa.. that was totally unexpected! Gay!
    I totally loved the series.
    :D :D

  15. Haha loved this :D

  16. hahahahahahahhahahahhahahaha

    Philoooooooooo.......... i would just kill ya off :P

    hahahahahahahahaha creativity!!

    love xx

  17. Hello.
    WoW! What a turn of events! Totally took me by surprise and she doesn't even seem too bothered by it all either!
    You are good...real good! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate it.

    For ref:
    My Wife, My Priceless Jewel

  18. now this i didn't expect. ouch!
    chalo, at least she got to kiss him, if nothing else! & a gay best friend is a plus

    the first two lines seem to rhyme :)

    bechaaari MARIA OH MARIA!!!!!
    Gay frnd hi sahi :P

  20. can't think of much better ending...
    Loved it....

    u just astonished every one with the twist :)

    Waiting for next new one..
    Keep it comin :)

  21. LOL!!!what an insane twist.................awesoma-larious...:-)

  22. I should have spilled the beans earlier, you know. Of course I knew all along. ;)

    If nothing else. you do know how to keep your readers engaged. :)

  23. Twisting twist! :-P Loved it. You talented lady.

  24. :-/

    that was an absolute kick in the crotch I tell u!

    but never mind. I LOVED all parts of ur story :) and i'm super glad for maria, yes :)

  25. Hahah I like this.
    Love your blog, I'll be stopping by often!

  26. What an ending! You are a good story teller to keep the reader guessing till the end!

  27. Even the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is a gay in real life didn't shock and surprise me this much ;)
    You were very clever writer to take the burden off the shoulders of the girl in your story and saving her the inevitable heart ache.Amazing. Signs of a writer who can think out of the box :)

  28. THAT was the kind of a chick flick I like :)


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