Monday, December 12, 2011


Red lips.
Clicking heels.
Shimmering skirt,
Hip clinging.
Deep cut,
Hanging low..
Bare shoulders,
Lacy straps.
Long locks,
Shining brown.
Flawless skin
Perfect curves.
Confident moves,
Head high.

When you walk,
All eyes turn to you!

Red eyes.
Pale skin.
Lying in the corner.
Smoke around,
Inhaling deep..
Ecstasy you find,
Comfort you plea.
In the dark hours of the night.

And then you hide
Behind the covers you smear your face with!

Picture: Google :D


  1. This is awesome. Nice description of red n all stuffs :) Good one :) xx

  2. This is AMAZING :O
    Simple, straight to the point.
    Very poignant, and i must say this is something very different.

  3. Hi Juhi.. how are you... ? and I really loved this one.. beautifully crafted the story of a girl, the world admires :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. Nicely written. Very simple but yet deep!

  5. i was waiting on the darkness...often those that seem to have it going on live a life that is often lonely...nice write...

  6. That was painting the town in RED! Nice one..

  7. superb!

    and the tattoo of the girl's legs - aww!

  8. Go on, it has super hot pictures which would compliment this text absofreakinglutely perfectly :)
    And I lovedddddd this one. Its different from all your posts and I could actually imagine this chic. >_<

  9. 2 contrasting situations
    but well mixed n expressed..

    pinching straight to the heart !!

    Awesome read :)

  10. Philo,

    Two sides of girl, normal and drug addict, brought out so well.

    Take care

  11. wow.
    and I guess it ws because u chose red as text color, the post has this piercing effect.. its almost goes through you.

    Nice! :)

  12. ouch
    this girl is hot mahn.
    after reading this
    all my mind is saying - OOH LA LA>
    ahh and how can i forget??
    you are awesome.:)

  13. A poem after so long and so nicely written.. All I have to say is crisp writing..!! The contrasting narration theme is brilliant

  14. You should do more of this..LOvvved reading this babe...very deep yet simple!!!
    But I ended up thinking that you wrte about me :P

  15. I'm picturizing Megan Fox here lol!!!

  16. So well put. By night, things change. And rarely are things as they look.

  17. Hello dear :)

    This is GOOD writing! Loved it and you should never be concerned about the rhymes because it's not necessary in many forms of poetry.

    You could definitely make a Fibonacci out of this ;)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving a lovely comment! :) We pass each other often when commenting. A couple of days ago, I thought of you and said to myself, "I must visit Ms. Phil, her comments are always nice" :D SO thrilled you took the first step! Thanks a bunch!

    See you soon :)

  18. you have chosen the exact words for your topic have penned it so caught my imagination :)

  19. You have a distinctive way of writing my friend! I love every line of your piece, some words to ponder today! You have a wonderful blog! Have a great day :)

  20. Lovely post. N thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment:) Keep writing:)

  21. Everyone has two faces like her.
    Nice piece of writing that goes with a matching pic :)


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