Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Midnight Talks With Philo :P

"He writes about sadness and adds a warm touch to it.."

Zain is a twenty year old blogger from Calcutta. I stumbled upon his blog a couple of weeks back, and I fell in love with his writing. He's an amazing writer and his writing really mesmerizes a person :) He's a very talented poet, and he's new to blog world. So I thought of talking his interview and welcoming him to Blogspot :)

Welcome Zain :) I hope you have a wonderful time here! And thank you so much for your time..

Me: Good Evening Zain :)

Zain: Good evening Miss :)

Me: So, what got you to join Blogspot?

Zain: My ex girlfriend. She has a blog. So I thought I would just head there as well and let her know how I feel but that didn't work out well. So yeah, this is how I am here.

Me: You started writing basically for her to know?

Zain: No, I started writing when I was in the 9th grade. I basically started with songs.

Me: Nice! Ever thought of singing them? =)

Zain: Yeah, I composed a few. But they were pretty amateur and later my writing took turns, into poems.

Me: That’s great. What has your journey in the blog sphere been till now?

Zain: Well to be honest, not very happening but it's been pretty decent. There are few people who show interest in my writing. People like Philo, Zeba and some other..

Me: Well, maybe if you try interacting with the others, your work can be recognized. I've noticed that you prefer staying aloof in the blog sphere. Is that true?

Zain: Well actually yes. The other reason is that I still haven't figured out completely how Blogspot works. Posting on facebook was quite simpler and friends commented and criticized. But somehow Blogspot is different. Gradually I will get a hold of it

Me: Im sure you will!

Has blogging made a difference in your life? It’s just the start, I know. But do you feel better after penning everything down?

Zain: It does, it does. It feels really good to pen my feelings down, the movie reeling in my head… To pen it down and trying to make sure that everyone sees it the way I do. So I keep my words simple and not too complicated.

Me: So, are all your work based on fiction? Or do you combine fiction with the reality?

Zain: Not all are fiction. Most of them are related to reality and my personal experiences. And very few are a combination of fiction and reality.

Me: When you received your first comment, what did you feel?

Zain: It actually felt great. I was amazed that people liked it. It all came as a surprise

Me: You'll get many more surprises

Zain: Haha! I hope so.

Me: So, what encouraged you to start writing?

Zain: Erupting emotions. A time came when there was so much to say and I wasn't confident enough to talk it out

Me: Your poems start with a sad note, and then go down a positive way. So what does it indicate? Is it how your life to turn out to be?

Or is it how you want to be with the ones who are in pain?

Zain: Well yes it does start with pain and ends with something good. No that’s not what happens in my life. But I want to put in hope inside the hearts that are weathering away with troubles.

Me: If you have to describe life in a word, what will it be?

Zain: Surprise

Me: Music to you is?

Zain: Escape from reality

Me: Love?

Zain: Honestly nothing came to my mind.

Me: Midnight?

Zain: My imaginations come alive

Me: Writing?

Zain: My expressions

Me: You?

Zain: Simple

Me: So, did you enjoy the interview?

Zain: Of course I DID. I was excited. I was really looking forward for this because I don't think I’ve ever been so respected. Yes for me, this is a form of respect. It was fun! Made my day.

Me: It’s midnight. The day has just began :P

Zain: I don't think anything can be better then this, so yeah =)

Me: Haha! End of the interview =)

Zain: it will keep me happy for the whole day

Me: Thank you for your time

Zain: Ahoy!

Thank You once again Zain. Keep writing, so that we can all keep reading your work :)
You guys can check him out here: She is a mesmerizing dream of mine

As this year is drawing to an end, follow the chain. Interview any one of your favorite bloggers. Make someone smile :)



  1. interesting interview of an interesting interviewee..This guy seems to be cool(and passionatley loves his girlfriend,never ever heard gf to inspiration for starting a blog) :)

  2. nice...thanks for the introduction...will most certainly pay him a visit...

  3. Hi!:) This is so great and very interesting, I've read it from the start till the last word, you did great Philo!:) Thank you for sharing us about Zain. I find him very simple and decent one, I was inspired while reading your interviewed with him, his answer was direct and indeed comes from heart.:)

    A blogger who penned down what's his heart wanted for him..Thank you Philo and Zain..:) May God bless you both!:)

    Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to come!:)

  4. nice way to introduce a fellow blogger to your readers

  5. Good Job!!! B-)

    I respect your thinking and your effort to do such a thing :)

    Awesome post!!!

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  6. Interesting interview =d
    Following him now.

  7. To write because your girlfriend did? That's a new one :D
    And Philo, its such a nice initiative to introduce a new blogger :) Shall visit him asap.

  8. Philo,

    Well conducted interview. I will surely visit him. May he keep writing for a long long time and have all the happiness.

    Take care

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  10. and i was thinking mark zuckerberg was the only one who got his success after being ditched by his gf :)

  11. I like the way you constructed your questions my friend, I love the interview and it made me god down till the end... and now I followed this nice guy, our new blogger friends... note I love blogspot, my blog doesn't carry it but I am hosted at blogger so I am one with you! Keep up the good work my friend :)

  12. very interesting guy! Great interview!

  13. Sonic to see you promoting a new blogger !

  14. Thanks for letting us know about him....will just go n watch for his space......

  15. That was cool interview...your idea to take interviews of fellow bloggers is gr8

  16. Interesting! :)
    Happy Christmas! :)

  17. Ah. Zain!! :-) I like his blog too. Interestingly sad stuff. But laced with hope. I didn't know he was from Calcutta..

  18. nice interview
    happy new year....
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