Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cupcake Love :) (Part 1)

Luke: Hey!
Maria: Oh hi! Back from the trip?
Luke: Yup! Finally.
Maria: So found any hot Aussie for yourself? :P
Luke: Nah.. Had better things to do :)
Anyways, I'm coming over to your place in a while.
Maria: Ok cool. I'll see you then,
Luke: Yea, let Mike know :)
Maria: Sure!

-Luke_149 has signed out-

Maria: He's coming over. And I have a pimple on my cheek :(
JessieJ: He who? Your lukey is back? :P
Maria: Yes he is. Finally :) Now what do I do about the pimple? :(
JessieJ: Burst it with toothpaste :) Good luck :D
Maria: As if it would help! :|

-Maria.cupcake has signed out-
I slam my laptop shut and sigh. Why does he never notice me..

In the end, I squeeze some paste and burst the red light from my cheek. Okay, Jessie was correct. The pimple did settle down. At least for the time being!
The bell rings downstairs, and I run to open the door. I pull my shirt a little low and open the door.
He looks like a Greek God and I just can't take my eyes of him.

"Hey" He says.
"Hi there. Come in."
"So, how have you been girl?" He pulls me into a tight squeeze. I try to push myself towards his chest, hoping that he would realize that I have grown. But instead, he slaps my butt and legs go off me!

"Ouch. That hurt!" I squeak.
"That's what too much of chocolates do!" He grins and takes off for Josh's room.

I hear he door close, and storm into the kitchen.
A cupcake was what I required.
-Mission failed. Once again.-
(to be cont..)


  1. em i the 1st one?
    now this is great
    some dialogues or id rather say statements are so bloody enigmatic and awesome
    or ki kahuuu behna?
    tussi to rock kar dete ho humesha.

  2. Aww.. lovely post. Looking forward for next part. :) God bless :)

  3. food can be such a comfort in those moments...yikes...not the thing to say to a lady...regardless...

  4. Juhi you certainly come out with innovations! Liked it and now await the next one..

  5. I want the next part ASAP!
    Jaldi karo! :D

  6. when is the next part out!! was good and creative for sure..

  7. how nicely you've penned this one :)

    oh no..another wait...:D

  8. A cup cake is what I want too! Now xD
    And, some statements and sentences confuse and perplex us, while some initiate a simple reaction ..
    Waitinggggg for more!

  9. awwww..... first of all the caption itself conveys the innocence , which is so lovely...

    i love the way you have mentioned as to how she wants Luke to know that she has grown up, by edging over to his chest :) ....

    looking forward to the next :)

  10. Book with short stories!!!!!
    Go for it :D

  11. Hello.
    Nice little story of "Cupcake Love" you've got here. She likes him, but he doesn't like her or see her the same way.
    I'm rushing off to read pt.2
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Under Your Spell

  12. Ohhhooooooo
    I want him to stop treating her like a kid..
    cupcake love...cuuute name!


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