Monday, December 5, 2011

Cupcake Love :) (part 2)

Yes, he is the guy I've been crushing over since the past two years! He is all over my mind. He gives me tingles in my tummy. And he makes me go weak on my knees.
Positive side: He's my brother's best friend. So he's always around.
Negative side: He's my 'BROTHER'S' best friend. My brother who always treats me like a baby!

Mike is just two years older than I am. But, he treats me like a six year old even though I'm sixteen! But Luke didn't do that. He's always there when I need someone to talk to. He took me out to the movies and bought me gifts.
Jessie says that these are all signs. She thinks he likes me back. But I don't know. He's never told me.. Why would he not tell me? Maybe cause I'm Mike's sister..?

: It's been freaking two years girl! Maybe he's just scared. Stop being nervous and just make the move stupid!
Maria: I can't. What if he does not respond?
JessieJ: At least you'll get to know if he likes you back or not.
Maria: have a point. Let's see.

Luke: How's it going? :)
Maria: Nothing really. Just bored.
Luke: Oh right.. Everyone's at your granny's place, yea?
Maria: Yup. And I ain't got anything to do :(
Luke: Want me to come over? We can watch movies! :)
Maria: Ok. Cool :)

-Luke_149 has signed out-
-Maria_cupcake has signed out-

Cool? Did I seriously say that? No ways. I'm nervous! Did I actually ask him to come over? No I didn't. He himself made the proposal! But then, why did I agree? Cause I like him, right? No. Not like. I'm truly, madly and deeply in love with him!

Okay.. I need to calm down. It's going to be fine.
Deep breaths.
..The doorbell rings!

(to be continued)
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  2. Maybe because she's Mike's sister...or maybe it's just a sweet friendly gesture or maybe here are some intentions... aaahh you keep me guessing PhilO .. Continue :D

  3. i like the way you have described her apprehensions.. they are so perfect for a girl her age :)

    Im waiting to read the next bit. so Finally he is coming over ...

    P:S - i feel like alil kid now :P

  4. Lovey, I love reading these parts. Love the way you write :) ♥

    I'll be back soon to read next part. :) xx

  5. Don't do this! I want to

  6. oh perfect place to leave off to leave us wanting for more...nice....

  7. hahahaha Interesting -
    Cupcake love - cute :)

    waiting for part- III

    love x

  8. Hi Gal..u bring nice write ups.. especially abt the girl and her sensible feelings..

    i love them.. keep up the good work..

  9. Waiting *desperate* , like everyone else. Comeon quick.. start writing :D

  10. do you write the whole story but serve us in parts???????

    i want to be in love - again - as a teen!!!!

  11. Oooh can't wait to see what happens:D


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  13. PhilO- The sweet little master of intrigue! Waiting for next..

  14. Ahhh.. teenage! Reminds of my own love story ;)
    Nice one.. waiting for the next part :)

  15. SHIT!
    I cant wait for the next post!!!!

    P.S. My first crush was my brother's best friend too :P

  16. read both the cup cakes :D
    waiting 4 more !!

    Awesome read as ever !!

  17. Hello.
    I love the scene setting of this. Very real indeed. You give us enough to hold our attention & leave us wanting more.
    Nice job!
    Now off to pt.3
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  18. ooooooooooooh. I want him to like Maria baccck!! Let me read the next part now!

  19. You are if it is happening right in front of my eyes....beautiful


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