Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cupcake Love :) (part 3)

"I've got popcorn, beer plus the best thrillers!"
"If my mum gets to know that you've got me drinking, you are gonna be so dead!"

I'm the kind of girl who gets high even with two glasses of beer. But then, at least the drink would calm me down.
So we sit, and watch a total chick movie. I guess he agrees to watch it cause I picked it!

We sit close to each other on the couch. Our thighs touching, his shoulders occasionally bumping against mine. The beer had started having its effect on me, and I soon started to feel dizzy.
And before long, my head dropped in to Luke's arms and I snuggled in to him and fell asleep.

"Maria! Maria!" Luke tickles me and wakes me up.
My head feels heavy. Luke smiles at me. I keep looking at him while he holds on to my gaze.
I slowly put my hands around his neck. Lifting myself closer to him, I close my eyes and kiss him. I keep my lips on his, waiting for him to respond. But nothing happens.
After a while, I open my eyes and move away.

"Why didn't you kiss me back?" I ask.
"Well..why would I Maria?" Luke looks confused.
"Cause..Because I've always liked you, and you like me too. Don't you?" I can't believe that I've made such a big fool out of myself!
"No Maria. I'm sorry..but I've never seen you as more than a friend." Luke comes closer to me and holds me in his arms. I snuggle into him. "Why not?" I ask. "I..I just don't. I'm sorry." He runs his hands through my hair, and I drift off to sleep..

When I wake up in the morning, Luke is gone. The place is cleared. I check my cell for messages.
Mike was on his way. My parents would not come back until tomorrow.
I grab a bar of chocolate and again hit the bed. I had no plans of being awake..
Coming next: Final part :)
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  1. awww man poor Maria...that was so embarrassing and painful.. me dislikes :(

  2. So mystery unfolding bit by bit.. quite a story!

  3. Philo,

    OMG! It has been so long hat I visited and too many posts to catch up with. I will be back tomorrow to read all.

    Take care

  4. i had no plans of being awake...i like that...and interesting...wondering what might be salvaged of this from her standpoint....

  5. I read all the parts in one go and now waiting for the end. Lovely narration:)

  6. Hello.
    So sad her unrequited love is not returned. This is quite the mystery tale. We're all waiting for the finale.
    Very creative!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  7. awww why?? por girl ...mmm...waiting to read the next bit

  8. Aww.. I feel sad for Maria. Waiting for final part. Sadly nice. :O

  9. Philo,

    Finally caught up with all pending posts. Family Bonds is so touching and fact of life. Lovers and Sinners was well told. Hidden Face is so subtle. Waiting for final part of this one now.

    Take care

  10. SHIT!

    are u sure that wasnt a nightmare?! :(

    change the end, please!

  11. i AM waiting for the next post...i need to know what happens next!
    intriguing...update asap dear girl!

  12. sorry been kinda away coz of the unit tests anywayz read the last part and this one and em waiting desperately for more :) this is good i mean really really good. you have written so many stories and you are 17 .. ahh..! you have baskets and baskets of talent girl..!
    i hope you write down a novel..! :)

  13. NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII....Make him love her. I want happy wala ending. nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  14. That was sad..:(
    Hope next part turns out positively

  15. cute and flirting series... liked the latter parts too. hope she get solace in next part or happy ending :)

  16. waiting for final part -

    Luke should respond her positively :( em hurt!!

    might be she is dreaming - em waiting for next episode.

    love xx

  17. Haha at the last line! Me likey. Waiting for more ..

  18. Hey :) You are quite a story teller hmmm :) I liked the narration a lot.And perhaps for the first time in life , read that a guy resisted a girl with the super 'i-like-you-as-a-friend' bazooka :) It was something new and fresh, not to mention honest. Keep it up :)


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