Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Naked Love.

You found me, when I pulled the covers over me.

You found me, when I didn’t want to be found.

You found me, when I was least expecting that someone would even come to me.

Tired I was, of everything. Hope, faith, trust, love…these words held no meaning for me. No longer. I wanted to get away from everything. I wanted to remain in my hiding, under the layers of solitude I wanted to stay.

I was weak. And coming out from the darkness, would do nothing but break me apart. I was already broken… How much more could I break?

I was afraid, scared and I felt that by hiding I could be safe. I thought that by running away from things, they would get buried soon, and I would not have to face them ever again.

But, you found me.

You gave me your hand

I was scared to hold it in the beginning. Thought that maybe you would let go, and I would fall and hurt myself again.

But no, you forced me to come forward. And when I did, you held on tight and pulled me away from the covers under which I hid. You lifted me out… You got me to face the mess I had created.

I was devastated. You brought forward the things I never wanted to think about again. You snapped me out from my world and got me back to the reality, to the things I was scared to face.

I wasn’t ready. I could not stand. I would fall, all the time. But you picked me up, held on to me when I was trembling. You wiped my tears. You stood by me… You gave me the courage I needed. You didn’t leave me alone.

It was difficult. I was not easy to handle, I know. Yet, you did not give up on me. You were patient and kind. You loved me. You made me love myself.

You gave me the hope I had stopped believing in. You gave me the faith I had lost. You made me feel my heart against yours. You made me feel safe, when I was so scared…

You gave me a reason to be happy once again.

You are my strength. You are my weakness. You are my miracle! You are the one who found me, unfolded me and loved me even when I shed all my masks and stood naked infront of you..


  1. the title is so sensuous :)
    and as usual... you are an amazing writer.
    but to be honest i love thee stories more.! :))
    <3 lotsa love
    how was ya budday anyway?

  2. @ Suvaiba: I'm coming up with another story soon :) Birthday was great :)

  3. When love comes, some strength enlightens but at the same times the depth of weakness increases.
    Love in itself is extremist.

    It's always a good read :)

  4. beautiful...

    That was indeed a beautiful feeling.. reading that i mean :)

    take care

  5. J'adore cette photo elle est "so cute"!


  6. holy post & holy he :)

    Weakest LINK

  7. lovely lines inspiring lovely feelings..a lovely read!

  8. you have promptly changed ur age in your profile info too? quick :)

    this is beautifully penned

  9. **You are my strength. You are my weakness. You are my miracle!

    That was the best line. Touched my heart.

  10. ur writng is just like a miracle. I read all your old posts too and really wonder how some1 can be such an awesomest writer at such an young age. U rock:) And Keep Rocking ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫:)

  11. Beautiful post. Loved the title. :)

  12. lovely...some beautiful love in this felt the heart in this...glad you had a great birthday

  13. wow Philo..I really felt every word..in my real world I have been through the worst relationship..no woman can ever have dreamed of..and like what your poem said..I had lots of fears being hurt emotionally and physically again..but all I can say now..God does give second chances and when He gives the "gift" you once prayed for..that's it surrender all your fears and don't let go ;)

  14. Hi, this so inspiring..:) All written here are happening in real!:) Such a great writer!:) This is so lovely! thank you for sharing and inspiring us through your writing!:)

    Merry Christmas!:)

  15. Isnt it an amazing feeling when you can bear your soul and totally be yourself to another person? This was a nice positive post and the title to your post is so clever, different, bold.. and apt! You must listen to kelly clarkson 'You found me' - it is absolutely in the same lines as of your post. Its a beautiful song and you will relate to it!!! :) Happiness!

  16. Hai..

    @You found me, when I was least expecting that someone would even come to me.

    wonderful expression.. i love it..;)

    ur write ups have been improved.. i can tell u this as i have known u since long..;) way to go dear..

  17. Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. This was amazing.

  18. This is lovely and full of emotion... written from the heart who once feel the fear, but with love come out to the open with no mask and run to the lovers widely open arms... truly, love is so powerful my friend. Thank you for sharing this to us:)

  19. Don't tell me you were listening to Avril Lavigne's Naked while writing this. ;)

    Nice read. :D

  20. You must really be so damn lucky to get someone like that.. to stand by ur side..to share ur pain..

    heart touching poem.. :)

  21. Great title, wonderful story, beautifully penned and it all touched my heart! The last line is brilliant! You writing is always heartfelt ~ just love it :)

  22. Nice!!
    Read some of your posts..
    I guess we can make pretty good friends. :) What say?

  23. Last paragraph sounded most touching! <3

  24. LUCKY YOU ARE.....

    its not that easy to find some one like that you mentioned here.....:)

    beautifully penned emotions by you.

  25. Philo,

    Love and gratitude to one who has been support during bad phase penned so beautifully.

    Take care

  26. :-) and the masterpieces keep on coming...

  27. A great read Philo... Enjoyed every line of it... keep it up! :)

  28. Full of love(naked) :P
    really enjoyed each n every line... very beautifully crafted :)

  29. Beautiful... !! Could relate to every single word.. every single line and the writing in it entirety :)

    I have penned down something similar in my journal.. I have been going through your blog and each post is a gem ... This one particularly struck a chord and I couldn't stop myself from commenting :)

    You write beautifully Philo !!


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