Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yet An()ther Award. Thanks T() Dibsy :) ♥♥

Hi Guys! I've just been awarded an award by Dibsy for my poems :) Thanks girl! You rock! MuaaHhh! :D And I'm passing this award to some really great bloggers! Actually there are many bloggers who deserve an award...but for the time being I just give it to just some, cause I've got my exam tomorrow! Sorry!!!
The lucky deserving bloggers are...

♣ Jaky ♣ Arnab
♣ Sakhi
♣ Trinna
♣ Vic
♣ Tara
♣ vLo
♣ Ginger
♣ Pratibha

Thanks again Dibsy. You really rock :)

Here are two of my latest drawings :) Hope you all like them! The 2nd ones just a rough drawing!


Umm..Anyways, now I've got my exams so I'll have to stop blogging. Even though I don't want to. So, I'll see you guys on the 15th of April! I'll drop by though. Like I may post something. Maybe. Maybe not :)
Take Care!


  1. Thank You so much Ju! You are a darling friend. Thank You so much.

  2. well, what should I say? They are nice. Just that you should enjoy the painting. I am enjoying, if you enjoyed while making it, the painting has done it's job.

  3. thnx soooo much!!.....nd beautiful paintings!!

  4. Con-gra-tu-la-tion

    May god bless uu
    n ha All the best

  5. thanks for the award !!
    Good luck for the exams !!
    and loads ofsmiles :)

    i really liked the second drawing .. it has loads of attitude !!

  6. n hey .. i forgot to congratulate you for the award :)

  7. baiibeh! u are an artist..n a good one at that! whoooaa.d first one is fab! :)

    n thanks 4 d awards..will put it up soon.. :)

  8. Thanks so much :) Amazing sketch and painting. You've got talent girl!


  9. thats really cool and i like the drawings

  10. Congrats on the award Juhi!
    Did I mention that Juhi is such a cool name?
    It is!!

    I'm in 9th grade, and I love it!
    How 'bout you?


  11. congratulations juhi.

    n both d drawings are very cute.

    wish u all d very best for d xms. :)

  12. Thank you so much for giving me another award! You're so sweet. Nice drawings, by the way. And good luck with your exams!

  13. ^that was me, i checked my email and forgot to switch blogger accounts. :P

    thank you!! :D good luck on your exams, and i like the two pictures you drew, theyre pretty awesome. :)

  14. I really like ur drawings. They are really cool. And I know what you mean about finals. I just had the end of term. I have one word. Gag. Keep drawing, and keeping staying awesome.

  15. thanks! I like the drawings. They are so pretty!

  16. sniff sniff.. congrats for the award and to the well deserving souls it was passed on to.. :)

    j me.. ;)

  17. liked the first drawing .. its really very good :)

    and congratulation on the award :)

  18. Hey! Sorry I can't finish my chapter this weekend but i anyhow, i have a preview for you! check it out on

  19. hey.. congrats for ur award.. btw all d best for ur exams. I too declared that I won't be blogging during my boards.. See what I'm doing now? Whenever the exams are up, that's when there's the maximum temptation for blogging.. Wish you good luck


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