Monday, March 2, 2009

Pr!ncess !n D!stress

It feels like I've been locked up in a tower,
Waiting for somebody to rescue me.
I look down...
I watch you pass by on your black pony!

I shout out, but I'm too high.
You go away, without hearing my cry.
I try to tie all the sheets together,
Thinking I'll jump down
And land right into your arms,
But, poor me! It's so very high!

It feels like I'm invisible for you,
Just wanna spread my arms
And jump off!
Wanna see you down there,
Ready to catch me.

But, nah...You ride away all the time!

I wanna come out of this tower,
I'm sick of noticing you pas by.
So whatcha waiting for boy...
Look up, and rescue the Princess in distress!



  1. So very cute !!! A princess tale after ages ...


  2. lol. lol. I found such story in shrek and barbie.

  3. Good composition, nice fairy-tale touch to it! Keep writing...

  4. Hey! thanx princess!
    Your character is very creative,
    and ur Japanese is also very good!

  5. beautiful one Juhi.. :D

  6. I think we feel like that at times. We just want someone to come and rescue us from everything that has happened and is happening to us.

  7. thanks, i do like it, its very good!

  8. hey
    first f all on ur reviews thrs only
    superb , lovely and nice :) quite self obsessed arent u ?
    well everyone is..nice blog..will be reading more f it..
    u desperately do wanna break away dont u?
    seems so..
    anyways keep writing..keep posting..keep dreaming..ur world..

    have a great time

  9. heyy thankzz for visiting my blog .. firstly ..

    and its good to see even 14 years old blog too:)

    @ my time i didnt even know if a blog like thing existed :D

    Keep smiling .. God bless

    ~~~ Golden Vulture ~~~

  10. Great poem! I've always loved fairy tales, so I like how this poem reminds me of that. I also like the picture. Keep it up!


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