Monday, March 23, 2009

Fl()wers ()f L()ve...♥♥

It’s been a while,
I’ve noticed you pass by…
I stand in my balcony,
And I’m on cloud 9
While I see you looking at me!

I see you out with your friends,
I watch you looking at me, secretly.
I don’t think you’re gonna open up on your own,
So I guess I need to make a move.

I put on my trainers the next day,
I pass by your house…
Only to see a locked door,
With a ‘For Sale’ board outside.

I break down on that very moment,
I can’t believe what I see.
I ask the next door neighbors…
They say he’s gone.

I fell in love,
But I was late…
Couldn’t express myself,
And now I regret!

Your face haunts me in my dreams,
I keep remembering your smile.
If you didn’t like me back,
Then why did you try to charm me?

It’s been a week,
I feel so low…
I hear the doorbell
And I see you, with flowers in your hands!

I can’t believe it…
You’re there,
You’re back…
On your knees, your heart talking smile
Asking me to be yours!

Love Ya All!
Feel Free To Comment!
Tc :)


  1. Angel. Angel. Love's little Angel.

  2. Another cute poem... nicely written!


  3. aaaaaaaww! chweeeeet poem :)

  4. hey cant beleive.. an 14 year old gilr can write so well
    very cute...

  5. vey nice....but not fair heh....u nvr told me tht u fell in wid ur neighbor:)

  6. thanks! i love this poem, its amazing! :))

  7. Suuwweeet poems! Love reading poignant...glad I stopped by!

  8. ha thats cool:)

  9. So cute and sweet! Nice picture. :)

  10. aawwwwwww dat was cutte... XD

  11. really cute... it kinda reminds me of the song love save empty by erin mcarly... so pretty and nice..

  12. oh yeah.. just read your comment on my story... i'm probally gonna post some more on the story this week so no worries!

  13. verrr verry well written....
    i cnt believe ur writting in so beautifully at dis age...amazing...
    n as far as the matter of the poem was concerned....i wish it happnd in reality....i wish i had a charming neighbour...n how i wish this poem applied to me...

  14. That was indeed 'beautiful'. Reflects your sentiments related to 'love themes', anyways, please do have a look at my blog, and please comment, only if you wish to. Actually, even I have recently penned a similar poetry on my blog, we share similar tastes, may be?


  15. shoooooo shona shona lovely !!

    *hugs* for this love filled blog :)

  16. Very neat stuff!!! Again, as I pointed out earlier, you could easily craft this into a song.

    Have you tried songwriting any time? You could do that. Keep writing!!!


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