Friday, March 20, 2009

♣ M!xed Em()t!()ns. Jump!ng 2 C()nfus!()ns ♣

Okay, so like my title and the picture suggests...I'm mixed! I mean, I'm happy. And I'm sad! :D
I'm happy cause...
♥ Victoria's back to blogging with a new blog! And all of you need to check it out!
♥ We just have half day school now, so schools fun! Not even half day. Just one and a half hours :) Hardly any studying!
♥ I've got 55 followers!
♥ Summer break is approaching! (one and a half months break) Summer = Fun :) (:

I'm sad cause...
* Exams are approaching. Exam = Study = Arg!!!! i hate studying :(
* I've got my 10th next year. So I'll have to study even in my vacations! :(
* My sisters exams are going on, so I can't go out!
* As soon as my sister's exams will get over, mine will start. So, I won't feel like studying! Cause she'll be having fun :( :( NOT FAIR!!

Here's something I've written!

L()st Dreams!

I sit outside in the field, on a summer morning
The daises bloom outside,
Their fragrance so strong…
It makes me feel alive.

The sun rising,
The early morn breeze,
Takes my sleep away…
And I know that it’s now a new day,
A new beginning…

Another opportunity
To catch the lost dreams
The night carried away!

Anyways, That's all for now :)
I'll have to get back to studying! :(
Take Care! Love Ya All !
Feel free to comment :D



  1. I used to hate studying as well, specially Math n Physics, till date I am clueless bout dese two subjects..
    All the Best 4 ur Exams...Study hard :)

  2. yea i hate studying too it's the worst thing ever

    but great poem

  3. i hate studying myself. could relate so much to your post today.. :)

  4. hey gel! I think I am starting to love studying. You will have the same once you start accepting.

  5. thanks :) i was so surprised to see that you posted my link! thanks! :)

    good luck on your exams, sorry that you have to study though. and i love your poem, its very good! :)

  6. i hate studying, i just cant focus. But i geuss i need it, im pretty bad at tests ;)
    Good luck in the exams ;)

  7. i love how your poems are so easily related... ^^

  8. Totally rocking post :) Glad you're happy. The sad part will be overi n some time dear :) Till then enjoy ... LOVED the poem... You so amaze me cutie :)


  9. Hehe.. I loved being in school and college except for the exam season!! :) anyways study hard.. all the best!!!


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