Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Cry For You..

I’m lonely.
Will you comfort me?

I’m scared.
Will you wrap your arms around me?

I’m lost.
Will your eyes guide me?

I need you.
Will you believe me?

I love you.
Will you come back to me?

Hey Guys!
I know I'm writing just dark stuff nowadays, but I've got some happy ones coming up soon :) So bear with it till then :p

Also, a great friend of mine has stated blogging and he rocks. So do check out his space. He's crazy :) But he's a great buddy of mine, and your comments will really get him to write more cause his work is worth an appreciation :) His link is

Thanks Nishit for being there for me :) You totally rock!

Take Care guys!
I'll be back soon with better stuff :)


  1. but hey! still some sad stuffs are nice only!

  2. I need you.
    Will you believe me?
    best part..!!....i like darkness!!♥
    i'll check out d link asap;)

  3. Hey,

    Great job with the blog and thanks for visiting mine, I really appreciate it!

    Brianna @

  4. Wow, very touching and inspiring inother side.

  5. it's nice, your poems, will look forward to the happy ones too! :DDD
    I'll check out his link too! :D

  6. aww..ill look forward for those!
    anyway..your sad poems rock you know ^_^


    and go claim your award from me! :D

  7. sad stuff is certainly your i ain't complaining :)

  8. WOW. lovely!! :)) But sad again!

    Ju! :( But nicely expressed!

  9. to ask... for those things..when you do need them, is so difficult.. yet can be written so easily..

    nice post.

  10. Yey to happy posts. :) I think there's someone for whoever that person is. There always is.

    I'm going to leave an award for you over here in a while, by the way. (I say going to because I still have to link to you guys and publish it. XD)


Your words mean a lot :)