Wednesday, May 19, 2010

♥ I'm Right Here ♥

For a very special friend :)
Nishit here's the post I promised :)
Hope you like it :p

Don't feel scared or lonely.
I'm right here so don't you worry.
Just give me a call and pour your heart out,
I'll listen to you till you haven't calmed down.

I'm not there with you,
But my heart lies in your happiness.
For a great friend like you,
I can give away my life.

So just close you're eyes
And let your mind be clear.
I'll hold you close
And vanish away your fears..

Just feel me close,
And you will be fine.
Trust me,
And you'll know you're fine...



  1. Awwww..... your poem is beautiful and it's lovely to have special friends, they're adorable. :)))))

  2. So just close you're eyes
    And let your mind be clear.
    I'll hold you close
    And vanish away your fears..

    I love these lines!!!

  3. @ Chocolate Lover: Yupe :) They are no doubt adorable. Thanks :D

    @Sjmach: Glad you like it! Take Care.

  4. ur "very special friend" is quite lucky......
    want 2 hear more frm u so adding u 2 my blogroll
    happy blogging

  5. So kind assurance from a friend! Loved the feeling within the poem!

    An award is waiting for you at my blog! Congratulations!

  6. That Friend must be so lucky xP
    well written

  7. @ Jay: It's mutual :) Even I'm lucky to have him! Thanks for following me!

    @ Karan: Thanks for the award! Will surely check it out :)

    @ Devils Plaything: Stupid jerk! It's YOU! :p Hate You!

  8. this one was damn sweet! god bless ur friendship

  9. i hav noticed something similar in ur every poem.....d last part is small and yet d most effective;)
    lucky friend:)

  10. wow, it is a spirit of being a fighter and a refuge of someone who needs love and care..

  11. awww..
    i can relate to it
    thanks juhi!
    love ya :3

  12. You are a talented young lady and I am glad you like rain.

  13. Oh, truly comes from the heart... and very well dedicated!!!:)

    You have a nice space in here!!!:)

    Have a good day!!!:)

  14. damn n noone dedicates a poem 2 me! ;)

    good one nevertheless :)

  15. Friendship. :)
    Good job on this one.

  16. Beautiful ending! Wow, I just want to quote it somewhere!! :D

  17. aww..this poem is really awesome..i can feel the heart of being a true friend here :D

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)


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