Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Depth Of Memories...

1st May 2009.
Do you remember this day? We cut the cake at your house and then we went to US pizza. It was your birthday. You were crying cause he didn’t call. I was telling you it’s all right. Do you remember? Do you remember how close we used to be right from the beginning? We hardly knew each other that time and yet we used to tell each other everything! Funny, isn’t it? How we trust people so easily and blindly! I bet you’re regretting it now.
I gifted you pink colored glares. I sometimes wonder if you still have them! And I made you a card. I guess you don’t have that still! But if you do, can you feel the hidden feelings I had sealed in it for you?
Let’s get back to 18th April ’09. Lounge 9. Yes, that was where we met for the first time. You asked me if you were fat. I said no. I didn’t lie. Trust me. I never did. Not to you!
Remember CCD? I was upset. I had fought with my mum. You were upset too. Remember how we used to forget our worries just trying to make each other laugh?
Remember how I loved your Converse and how badly I wanted to scribble on them for you! Remember watching the final episode of Roadies together at your place and how badly we both wanted Nauman to win! And how you kept tagging me of facebook!
Happy days, weren’t they? Laughing for no reason. Playing in your society park, and you getting stuck at the height. Remember those sleep over at your place? Those long rides that took us to nowhere cause in the end, we had to turn back home...
Churches on Sunday, buying balloons on the highway, you breaking Jazz’s Tommy slippers…. I still have all those pictures and I look them many a times. What about you? Have you deleted all of them? Or do you still have them?
Our crazy nail paintings and girl gossiping!
Remember how we used to enjoy all the time even though we never had enough money!
The early summer mornings when we used to readily get up.
Riding during the monsoon, stopping everywhere to click pictures, to capture happy days!
Remember the scary house of Iscon mall? You, Paur and Ruch were so scared. You were going to cry!
Remember how you liked my hand bands?
How can I forget your kittens!
Our silly fights, long talks over the phone, our music and dance craze and your funny laugh to add to the beats!
Petrol getting over on the highway!
And what about, Say Cheese And Kiss?
Do you remember all these? Cause these memories are all so alive in me.
What went wrong? Everything was so perfect and then suddenly it all came crashing down. The five of us were so happy. Best Friends Forever. That was the name of my facebook album. Where did we go wrong? We were Best friends!
Whenever I go online, I do visit your facebook profile. All the time…I have a look at your pictures and I sometimes miss those days.
I don’t know why I’m writing this. You may not even want to read it. It’s 1st May 10. And this time, I’m not there. But, I’d just like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you’re fine and happy.
Just one last question…
After reading this do you wish you could go back to 18th April 09 and delete me from your life? Or do you wish you could go back to November ’09, so that we could resolve all those misunderstandings? Or are you happy we all fell apart?
You don’t need to answer these questions. I don’t even expect a reply. But, happy birthday once again Future Dentist! Study well. Take Care and remain happy always!


  1. Oww.. Poor u! These must have been memories of it best friend whom u must b missing dearly right?

  2. that's really sweet...hope the future dentist reads this n u become friends again :)

  3. You have your life ahead of you basically and you will do fine. Now listen to this 80 year old mom, grandma, and great grandma. Try to stay away from alcohol and drugs. You sound like a well adjusted young lady.

  4. awww.. that's so sad! I hope everything gets better! T_T

    Take care juhi

    You won an award at my blog juhi :)

  5. well, at least on such occasions we get read prose from you!! maybe from the other side your heart ! :-P

    today must have been different ha?

  6. friends falling apart.
    Somethings are never in our control.

    Keep the memories...

    I hope your friend reads this and comes back

    take care

  7. Make a call. Jugaado the number.
    What are these telephones made for.
    It takes tym but then everything gets better.
    We depart to meet again...:)



    p.s. I am going thru the same phase. Passing the college this year..:(

  8. this happens wid has happened wid u ,me and it'll happen wid all...but thts not d end of a frndship...hardtimes cum n go...!!
    btw even i liked nauman;)
    n 2 dis post, i can relate perfectly..seems as if its d story version of my last poem;)

  9. This happens with mostlt everyone. Happens when the priorities and perspective changes for people!

    Take care...

  10. Awww...this is sweet, really, for whoever it is, that person would really like you! :)

    It's really nice that you still care about the perosn, i wish you all the best for your life.... :)


    Happy May!
    Teen is cool,
    have fun in school!

  12. aww..lovely stories you have here..:)
    i can relate somehow ^_^

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  13. u hav been tagged...hav a luk..!!

  14. I love it Juhi :)
    Things are great now...
    Wishing you all success..
    Love..Future Dentist (like u always call me )


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