Monday, May 24, 2010

BettER OfF WitHOut YoU !

You’re kicked out.
The doors of my heart have closed for you.
You made me throw away the key
And now I don’t need you.

You made me cry
You played with my heart.
You tore me apart,
While you went out
Living your dreams!

I was such a fool
To think you loved me.
My heart must me weak
Cause your sweet fake talks melted me.

You pretended to love me
And when you got bored,
You left and dumped me
Like a piece of thrash!

You put the blame on me
Said I was a liar.
You said all kinds of shit
You treated me like crap.

Yes, I cried.
I was a fool to do so.
Cause I should have known you were fake
Your love was a lie
I was a fool to believe you all this time!

But don’t we say, love is blind?

But now I’m done with it.
I’m back and up on my feet.
I’m happy you left
I’m happy you opened my eyes.

I’m a new me and I so don’t need you.
I’m better off without you.

My life is too beautiful
For letting a guy like you ruin it!

I’m not crying over you.
You haven’t won yet.

You said,
Time heals everything.
This time,
Time will show you what you have lost!


  1. I love your poems. If it was left in real life I would say, good riddance. If he can not see the beautiful girl you are.

  2. now tht u r single all over once again, ur writing stuff has changed :D
    gud one!!
    nicely scripted :)

  3. Juhi,

    Courageous one. Once one realises the fakeness of partner it is best to move on and find life afresh without fretting over what happened.

    Take care

  4. I always do love your poem, and this one is somehow still very optimistic, and i love the decision of the poet to be strong and fight.
    Well done. :)

  5. Aaaw

    HE isnt worth you. Let go of him! Ive told ya already...HE NEVER WAS WORTH IT.

    MCP. lol.
    :)) IM GLAD your finding ways to let go!: )

  6. He's not worth it if he can't see your worth, right? ;)

  7. "Time will show you what you have lost!"

    cool closing line that! :)

    n loved the powerful words in the poem...feels very honest! :)

  8. wow!1 superb! i can feel the emotion here!--pain hatred!!! that's the spirit girl!

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  9. lovely!!! i loved the last part

  10. Now you're talking ! ;D

    Be self-sufficient egoistic dear.
    Kick ass...

  11. Nice expression my dear! Go girl! He doesn't know what he's missing.. It's definitely his loss.

  12. Hey first visit here... gr8 read :)

  13. Go kick some asses..

    Very nice..:)



  14. wow.. amazing, it was similar to wat i wanted to put it down in words.. loved it..!! awesome courage and awesome you..!!

    Time will show you what you have lost! loved it..!!


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