Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Left alone to face this pain,
Yes, you left me...
Left me alone
With a heavy heart,
Ready to break,
I watched you turn your back on me
And walk away.

You didn't give me a chance,
All my explanations you just didn't hear,
You were not ready for anything,
You just walked away...
And I just saw you disappear.

Left with a mind and a heart
With just no feelings or emotions,
Just the tears flowed;
Only the chills passed through me...

I was left dumb stricken,
I was left alone by you.
While you walked away,
After shattering my heart.

I watched you become one
With the darkness;
I watched you disappear.

I watched my love leave me


  1. any person who enslaves themselves voluntarily in the name of love is the stupidest of all creatures.That Person degrade their own dignity and they degrade the conception of love.

    choices are : :

    pain or happiness.
    independence or dependence.

    It's Free-will.
    You can be the Creator or you cna be the destroyer.

  2. nice poem..i like the emotions..i felt like im the one with the brokenheart..:P

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  3. Beautiful as usual... :)
    You made it really more deep,keep it up. :)))

  4. Beautiful as usual... :)
    You made it really more deep,keep it up. :)))

  5. perfect words woven beautifuly!!...ending awesome!!

  6. hope life is nt treating as your lines speak...

  7. hey nice one
    if you don mind start writin some light happy stuff instead of dark and depressing
    you attract what you write(feel)
    it might not be the best of advices xP
    bdw great emotions kudos 4 this one
    Take care:)

  8. nice, nice.... :) good read :)

  9. Such a sad poem.

    I noticed there are a lot of sad poems these days.

    I hope you can smile soon and inspire all of us with happy posts. ;)

  10. Reflection of heart .. nd state of mind as I knw.. u r in.. beautiful !!


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