Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waiting And Hoping!

I still stand on the foothill
Of that hill...
You bid me goodbye from!

I still hope to see your face,
The way it was
Before you set off for the war.

Did you really have to go?
i hope you can hear me,
I miss you so much
And I love you like thee.

I feel so scared,
So insecure cause you're no longer around,
Just wanna hear you once...
Just make me belive that you're fine.

I hope you're alright,
I hope no bad has happened.
But remember one thing..
Even if you slip away from me...
I'll remember you forever!


  1. Where are you getting these as inspirations from?? :)

  2. hey thanks for commenting! anyways, do you make your poems?

  3. i am very jealous of your poem skills(:

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  4. thanks for stopping by!

    in case you didn't know, i shut down my blog (kind of!)

    but stop by www.sydney-speel.blogspot.com ...

  5. Sick Poem:) Thanks for the comment by the way! Love the blog:D
    Lots of Love,


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