Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad B()y

The times gone,
It's too late.
I've moved on,
And there's no space!

The clock struck,
I waited.
But now there's no use,
No need for you to wait!

You didn't come,
It was our firdt aniversary you spoilt.
My friends had warned me against you,
Now I pity myself...
For I had paid no heed!

I should have listened to those who cared.
To all those who asked me to leave you.
But now that I've realized,
I'm gonna desert you!

So, goodbye my bad boy!
If you think I'm gonna miss you...
Let me tell you, I won't!
If you think I'm gonna cry over you,
You're mistaken!
Cause I'm moving on,
And I can get many more like you!


  1. that was good, but the music on ur page made it better while i was reading it lol


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