Thursday, September 4, 2008


In the blink of an eye,
You see the tears I hide.
My spoilt mood you light,
With that charming face of yours.
My fears I leave outside,
I know I'm safe.
Cause you're in here,
To show me,
To teach me,
What life has in store for me!

you shout, You pout,
I get all frustrated,
But deep down an urge
Pushes me up
Cause you're so dear to me,
Cause you're so near to me,
Cause yu're my mother,
And I love you for what all you do,
For what you are!


  1. I love this.
    You mind if I put it as a text on my blog.(I will put by Death Princess)

  2. Wow, that's a really thoughful poem, well done :)and sorry I didin't comment before, it's just my browser keeps crashing on other blogger websites :( But yeah, to get the rating you go on, find your blog, claim it then request a review. You can then post it on your blog :D Hope that helps! Really nice blog you have btw! :)

  3. Thanks and yea! I do love my 2 year old sticky nail polish since summer 2007. :P
    I added green nailpolish. it makes it shiny and glittery. YAY!! That was kind of the revenge to show you how the meanie looks like. HEY! go to my THE Retro Show blog please.

  4. thanksss for the cute comments :)

    keep in touch!

  5. no i didn't first i put on black nailpolish and then put on green on my nails when the black dryed. so one day i want it to be sparkly blue and black yay! i will discolor my nails next week for that thought!!


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