Thursday, September 18, 2008


I miss that twinkle of your eye,
I miss the touch of your hand,
I miss all that you once were
Before you got lost in the mist of change.

You're now different,
So very unknow,
It seems like you don't care anymore,
It's as if I know you nomore.

You're phone's always switched off,
You don't come around anymore,
Things have become so hard to understand,
I can recognize you nomore.

Come back to your real self,
This fake doesn't suit you,
Cause I like the real you
And how much my heart is dying,
To see you again,
Only I know!



  1. Omigosh...:*('re a nice writer.

    PS: Where'd you get that pic?
    PSS: I know a story REALLY similiar to this song/poem. I'll tell you about it in another post. (ie-the next one)

  2. OK, there was this guy and a girl, right? They both liked each other, until the guy fell in love with this other snobby girl. Out of depression, the chick got all gothic/emoish, and had less friends.
    They did almost all the stuff you wrote, and finally the girl couldn't take it anymore, and shot herself and died.
    Then, there was a sad little aftermath where her spirit just watched what was happening, and it was all sad, because when she died her friends didn't even notice and didn't care, and so did the guy.
    It was a lot more in-depth than I say it, but this is just my summary. I forgot what it was called, sorry. >.<


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