Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend at last !

Hie !
Okay so nowardays I've stoped writing and all my drawings lie incomplete cause I'm so bugged up with my studies. Like...I didn't do well in my units and now that exams are coming, I really have to catch up with my loss else I'll be in a big fix !! A REAL BIG ONE ! Hehe...
So I've been like trying really hard to study but I do get distracted. I can't sit in the same place for more than half an hour or so ! Aww....wish I could concentrate !
My computers againg giving some problem and that's really pissing me out. But thank God, todays a weekend...and so I'm just gonna go off to sleep...I'm so sleepy ! I hate waking up early in the morning!! Actually who likes to get up early in the morning !
On the other hand, my exams start frm the 11th of sep and that's sick ! UNITS JUST GOT OVER AND NOW EXAMS ARE STARTING!! oh no !!
Trignometry is so boring ! I just can't get what cos and sec are ! I mean..Duh-ah! Wht do I need to know what that means cause I don't wanna get into a Math stream !! Ahhh...
I even have to do my science and social studies project !! Wo...guess I'm gonna be busy till the end of semptember!! N that's not at all good !!
I just can't wait for my vaccations ! But anyways, today's a Saturday and so I'm just gonna sleep and forget everything else ! :p




  1. Yep, I agree.
    School sucks.

    nicole :]

  2. how do i see more of your painting? did u do the witch one??

  3. awesome blog thanx for checking mine out:)

  4. Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  5. well the first week of school is awesome but then it gets all stupid and the teachers make you hate you. and thats cool you got skater on the quiz like me! yay!
    that is a good thing i have braces. i get out of school every month to go to dentist dude! and next week is labor day baybay! so no school on monday. another yay!

    btw i got 2 new post on my life blog.


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