Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Really Hate It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God....I so badly hate it !
My computer's not working!
I mean I'm just not being able to sign in..IN ALL THE ACCOUNTS !!
I even tried the safe mode...but well...the administration account's password has been changed ! It was perfectly fine in the morning and now at night it's acting weired ! Ahhh....guess I just want to bang ma computer screen and shut it out forever! But...then again I love my computer...I'm just so angry right now. All my poems...drawings...all my data, everything is lost !! Awww...I'm so sad... :(



  1. haaaa

    GBESE buruku! mehn d@ is sooo wrong....where are u? maybe u could someone to fix it for you?

  2. hi... well, you can ask someone to fix it for you, right? don't worry, computers can easily be fixed... :)

  3. oh wow...sorry bout that...i hope u can get it fixed..


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