Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Going to school, and coming back home.
Sit on the bed and watch the sun set,
And think…is my life full?
No good grades,
No sense…
Fear of living haunts me
Again and again!

No one to share
These feelings lie deep within,
It hurts in there,
But, will anyone care to listen?
I’m not that bad…
But, will they understand?

My eyes are wet,
But no hanker chief, I have.
My friends are all gone…
There’s no one around.
I looked for a face,
I searched for a smile…
But all was a waste!

Guess, this is my life…
Gotta stay in ‘er
Invisible I stand,
Behind the darkness of life
My fingers are crossed…
I’m hoping that someone finds me
And takes me home….

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  1. hey nice poem it kind of relates to me that i got no one to talk to and i am the quitest yet invisble-est girl in the world. hey and nice drawings under these post.
    and congrats [[i was first one to comment this post]]
    check out the blog under my life blog...
    later skater


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