Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Way Back

My hand bleeds,
The knife’s fallen down,
My eyes are slowly closing,
And I’m wondering,
Why am I doing this?
Was my life that bad?
Didn’t I have enough?
I’m wishing I could go back,
When I was fine…
But now I’m dying
And I’m helpless…
But I’ve learnt something,
And that is to live with what you have,
I’m suffering, I wanna go back…
But I can’t…
All I hope is,
That others don’t follow my bad path…
And learn to live with what they have…


  1. That's a sad poem, but I think it captures the emotion really well. Nice writing :)


  2. I really love your poem. Thanks for the comment and you are exactly right!


Your words mean a lot :)