Friday, August 15, 2008

I Don't Need You

I'm sitting in my room.
But I don't feel alone.
My boyfriend just ditched me,
Big deal! He'll get blown.

Do you expect me to cry...
I ask myself why!
It's he who went away,
God save him! I pray.

Dump me all you want,
I don't give a shit!
Cause I've got loads other,
Who want to stick to me !



  1. awwww i love ur spirit! most people wud have been cryin n feastin on chocolates(i know i wud have!)

    a better one will come along!

  2. Awww, thats brave
    That's the spirit gurl!
    Its his loss not urs
    Keep ur head up

  3. thats me i've been there too, but i didn't cry either. :)

  4. wow...sincerely wish I had your spirit...buh most o d time am jus a crying bleedin sod....

    babe ur ma role model o!

  5. i am sure she cried and feasted on chocolates or wine? or her fave song, buttercup, i guess we all do something at this bittersweet point

  6. let him go my dear,he doesnt deserve you.


Your words mean a lot :)