Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exams On The Run!!

Aww no! My exams are gonna start in a week and I so badly hate it! I mean...shit man! I hate exams!! And so from now I'll have to stop all my fooling around and burry myself into my books! I wish I could delete exams from my list ! :(
I mean, I know that studies are important and we need to study, but we should have choices, like we wanna have Math or Science! In maths I hate trigo., maybe cause I'm horrible in it! But factors is fun! Likewise in Science, I hate chemistry and physis, but I love biology! Really I hate studying, but I need to study to become a good fashion designer !
I finished reading Judy Blume's 'Tiger Eyes'! It's lovely! I loved it! I love the name, Tiger Eyes! Lol...I'm waiting for Breaking Dawn but it's still not out here...I can't wait to read it! I've heard it's awesome! I even wanna watch Wanted. I don't really like Angelina. But still ! Since a long time, I've decieded to watch breaking and entering, but I always missed it and so I've made up my mind that I'm gonna watch it on T.V this Saturday!
Had a holiday in school today and so I'm in the libary. My pc's giving some problem. Like we just fixed it up, but we still need to install stuff on it and that's gonna take a loooooooooooong time and I hate to wait ! Lol !! My post doesn't have any pictures in it, cause I'm in the libary and they don't let us upload pictures! I've written some more poems and I made some more drawings. Will post it later for sure! That's it then! My time's up! Take care people and keep blogging !



  1. lol...i hate school...

    u shud watch Wanted!

  2. good luck on your exams!! and i have a q. how did you change the link to the comments?? mine still says 0 or however many comments. and i don.t like itt. lol!! thanks.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I love my dog.

  4. I hate exams.

    But mine I know, aren't nearly as hard as yours are going to be.

    Good Luck!



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