Monday, August 18, 2008

A Place L!ke Heaven ?

Heaven...People say that heaven is a place where all good people go to when they die and hell is where sinners go to. but's kinda weired ! I have a feeling that there's no such place known as heaven and hell! I think it's all the same! It's just a belief of humans. I mean...what's the proof that heaven and hell exist!? I'm not saying that I don't believe in all these, but it's just that it's just like a statement with no proof in it !
Religion is another thing that bothers me! Religion is a sin too..isn't it ? Like...people say that there's just one God...then what is religion ? If partition of God is a sin...then maybe we will all end up in hell cause everyone will be called sinners !'s just my thinking....please don't take it personally! Well...What do you all think? Does heaven and hell exist ??


  1. lol i hate religion issues, i try to run away from them as much as i can..

    as a christian tho, i believe in heaven and hell..

  2. Haha!

    Mehn I aint gon say nthn!

    *zip* ma lips are sealed...but yeah i do believe in the existence of heaven and hell

  3. Hi Juhi,

    Interesting topic..well, hell and heaven both exists in this world itself, what do u get when u go in hell?? U get lots of pain becz u must have done something wrong to when u get some pain on earth just think that its bcz uve hurt someone and this is the result of it. What do u get in heaven? Enormous amount of happiness...when u do good for others u end up getting happiness and thats heaven, respect is what u get, blessings is wht u all this results in heaven.
    Both hell and heaven is nothing but a feeling that u get.

    So Next time u do something good or bad...remember this...:)

    Hope this makes u smile sweetie...


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