Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainfall Of Memories..


My coffee is cold. I have no intentions of drinking it. The cafe is about to close, but I do not move.
It's pouring outside..

I'm finally pushed out by the waiter. I ain't got no place to go to. Home feels empty without him even after so long..

I hurriedly walk wrapping my arms around myself. There are no taxis around. I stand under a tree, waiting for the rain to stop. I'm cold.
I'm lonely.

A car stops besides me.
"Do you want a lift?" He asks.
'Yes please' I say, and get in besides him.

I look at him, and he looks back at me. Our eyes meet. He holds my hands tight. "I knew I'd find you here." He whispers, as he comes closer to me.
"Walk me home, will you?" I ask.

He says nothing. We get out of the car and walk. There is silence.. But our hearts talk.
And when he pulls me close, and presses himself against me, our love reunites.

We spend the entire night on the steps, watching the rain fall, letting it bring back memories.. and letting the silence connect us once again!

With this I come to an end of my story :) Thank You to all of you for reading.



  1. Yes!!!!!!!
    I love the ending :D

  2. I read through the last three posts- and this was a lovely ending. As I said previously, you write amazingly- what a talent you have!!!

    Keep writing, above all else, keep writing!

  3. The best part?
    "I knew I'd find you here."

    stay blessed ^_^

  4. Juhi, A simple love story so simply narrated ! Just no frills! Keep writing like this!

  5. A true end to your tale, nicely done without fail.

  6. This is so lovely,:) I love the feeling after reading it. The ending was so touching,! You made our mind and heart awake! This is really amazing! :) I love it! :)*smile*

  7. Amazing ending...Lovely story! Keep Writing....!!! :)

  8. great romantic story... but you know here its sub-zero outside and even thinking of soaking in the rain and watching it all night and walking in it makes me shiver with cold... :)

  9. Wonderful, sweet ending! I loved it :-)

    "We spend the entire night on the steps, watching the rain fall, letting it bring back memories.. and letting the silence connect us once again!"

    Fabulous! Especially the part about letting the silence connect again! :-) x0x

  10. Perfect ending. Couldn't have been better :)

    Enjoyed the story

  11. weeeeee..I knew it will have a happy comes the next days of endless love and romance..passing by Philo ;)

  12. This is lovely and romantic my friend :)

  13. hhmmmm...filled with romance....and i liked the end part of it very much...LOVELY....:))

  14. this...very tender...i like the sitting watching the rain...makes for a magical moment...

  15. Philo,

    A beautiful ending with lost love being reunited.

    Take care

  16. Good times return!

    That is nice.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  17. Such a sweet moment and a great end to your story, lovely!

  18. No explanataions are needed when love is pure.
    Thiss was such a great ending!!

  19. It was really a lovey-dovey post. "Awww" is the word that I have for it. Really beautiful story. :)

  20. loved this - "But our hearts talk" :)
    soulful :)


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