Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dewdrops On The Leaves..

I wake up to the chirping of the birds. I sit up on my bed and look outside the window. The sun is finally coming out. The cold is making its way out. But the mist still lingers in the air.

It’s early. Yet, I’m no longer sleepy. I pull a sweater over me, and slowly slip out, so that the others would not wake up.

I pull the curtains apart, and find my dog awake. She does not move, as I come to her. She does not wag her tail, or leap at me in joy. She just stays there, looking at me… After moments of me just holding her, I put her belt on, and take her for a stroll.

We walk over the steep hills. The dewdrops are still there on the tea plants. There is greenery all around and the smell of the fresh leaves spread all over.

I breathe in, and take in as much as I can.

I keep walking, not wanting to turn back. I keep walking, even when my legs hurt. I drag my feet till I reach the stream. I dip my hands into the cold water. It freezes me, but I don’t pull them out. I let them become numb.

I see my reflection in the water, and when a tear drops into it, my reflection is gone.

When I pull my hands out, they are blue. Blue like the hills I can see in the distance.

The sun is totally out now. A man on a cycle passes by me. The day has started. And my final day has finally drawn in…

I make my way back home. I run down the hills, and my dog races with me. I tumble over when she leaps onto me. I laugh, and she barks.

By the time I reach home, I’m tired. I fall asleep on the steps of the veranda and wake up only when my mother tells me that it’s time to go…

I don’t move. My hands still feel numb. I pat my dog, and just sit there hoping that it all just turns out to be a dream. I want to find myself in my bed. I want my mother to wake me up cause it’s getting late for school, and not because we need to leave.

But no, I snap back to the reality. The house looks empty. There are boxes all over. We were really leaving.

I kiss my dog goodbye. She just looks at me. And when I turn away from her, she barks.

I sit down in the backseat of the car. I close my eyes. I don’t want to look back. I somehow take my tears in. The barking seems far now... It grows faint. I open my eyes once I cannot hear it any longer.

We cross the tea garden… I stretch my hand outside the window and touch the leaves. I can still feel the dewdrops. It was as if they were calling out to us, telling us not to leave. I stick my head out and breathe into the air. I take in as much as I can. I don’t want to let it out, but I finally do, and break down.

I don’t want to leave. I want to remain in the wild, among the trees…on the hills.

The sunlight dries my tears. It burns my skin. I stick my head back in. It’s silent. My parents, my sister and I…we just sit, not knowing how to react.

I fall asleep, and wake up only when my mother shakes me.

We are at the airport- our final destination.

As the flight takes off, I look down at the land I left behind me. I look at the only place I know I belong to...

My life changed after that. I don’t know if I like the change, but I know that nothing could be done to stop the change.

But I do know, that my heart still longs for a chance to run down the steep hills, and to feel the fresh water in my hands once again..


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  1. A nice write with lovely nature so well captured! BTW your new picture in profile looks nice!

  2. Would like to know more.. :)

    Nice profile picture!

  3. leaving is painful.
    i've experienced it. it will tear you apart from the inside.

    Reply to your post
    I was kinda busy with school and stuff. :[

  4. you write well (: (: keep going.

  5. Remembering Assam, eh? But you will get to go back there this summer, right? :D

    Well-written as usual. :)

  6. very well written...hats off..:-)

  7. This is another great post, I love reading it! Leaving is really a tearful and painful, hope you can recover soon,:) Give yourself a chance to meet and see other place, you might like it too:) Thanks a lot for sharing! :) I love it! :)*hugs*:)

  8. Philo,

    Touching narration to show feelings on leaving place which one cherishes so much. Wish you had also given cause for this change. At times cause is so important that change has to be accepted.

    Take care

  9. i would imagine so...and i would as the nature elements and the longing for home or a place....nice write...

  10. Philo..I am just wow have an imaginative is so detailed and you have described like I was the one inside the story..

    I'll be back for the next one..I just love your writing Philo ;)

  11. ok wait..reading one of the this is true? oh grrrrrr..Philo I know it is so hard leaving everything behind..but sometimes there are reasons why we should be just letting it happen the way it should day you will be smiling again ok *hugs*

  12. nice one,sensed a lot of pain,evry1 goes thru dis bt den dis is a part of our lives....n yet knwin all dis, movin on becomes so tending

  13. Pain is beautiful in it's own way if you see it.
    Again i say beautifully WRITTEN :)
    Keep it up.

  14. The pain, the longing, the curiosity to see the nature at its best.... the sweetness of your writing made the parting pain unbearable...


  15. And that's absolutely a writer's work ! :)

    Splendid, keep writing.

  16. what a wonderful piece- you showed us your struggle and pain without telling us- a real art as a writer!!!
    Changes are never easy- but it looks like you are just the person to embrace them.

  17. Wonderfully written.....Loved it!!! :) Keep smiling!

  18. Hello.
    I can relate to this. Leaving behind all your memories & the only place you've ever known can be heartbreaking, but each journey in life brings new experiences & new memories to be made.
    Loved your imagery.
    You penned this very well. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

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  19. Beautifully penned, dear Phil0 :-) I can identify with leaving a place that is home ... it's very painful but certain circumstances in life do not give us a choice, at the time.

    I love the title and how you incorporated it into the story: I stretch my hand outside the window and touch the leaves. I can still feel the dewdrops.

    Lovely! :-)x0x

  20. Is this a memory? Or just fiction?

    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aestheteu

  21. Enjoyed reading this (as usual) :)
    Can't wait to


  22. that was beautifully narrated! it was like me experiencing it all. but why cudn the dog join them? :( i feel sad for her!

    the place sounds so beautiful. from the comments, i fig out tht its about Assam? i have a frnd there and Ive seen the photographs! wish to visit tht place some time :)

    you take care Juhi. god bless you.

  23. Such gorgeous writing. real? Fiction? If real, what is that place?

    Anyways, loved reading your blog, will be around.

  24. You write really well.. It all felt so real.. :)

  25. You've describe the morning scene so beautifully that even when I was reading it in the afternoon I was havung the feeling that it was morning around me!!

  26. What a beautifuly paced post...I loved it to the core. A part of me too wish to live in Ooty for a long long time...and walk...walk and keep walking...Turning back while leaving hurts so much and not turning back hurts even more...

    *hugs* such a delightful read...

  27. Lovely post and beautifully written. Could feel the words through. Where were you leaving for, btw?

  28. Ahhhhhhhhh pain - part ov life - no other way out rather to accept it. it kills indeed...

    nice profile pic - muaaaah

    love x

  29. Its a beautiful post Philo... Completely loved the narration... The images ran down my mind with every passing line... :)

    Yes, it will be painful to leave a super good place which we connect with!

  30. That was awesome work....Your writes are so matured....I don't feel you are an 18 year old kid :D (kidding take it as a compliment) Awesome...You'll have a bright future :)

  31. Superb! Loved it its like I am reading a book....keep writing:)


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