Friday, January 27, 2012

Awards :)

Yes, so I got awarded. All thanks to Tay Tay :)
Now if you don't know who this girl is, then you must check her out, cause she is awesome :)
Thank you so much for the award Tay Tay! You're a total sweetheart :)


Post the award on your blog with the rules
List three things you would change if you were the overlord
List the blogs you're awarding and leave them a message :)

If I were the Overlord..

*I would make sure that nobody goes hungry in the world.
*I would make Harry Potter and Hogwarts real =D
*Whenever a person thinks of chocolates, tons of them will appear :D

Now, I'll be passing on this award to a couple of bloggers I have recently come across and who are worth checking out :)

*Xain :)
He thinks I'm a dude cause I like cars and games :) His writing leaves me wondering all the time. And for the moment we started talking, I don't think we've ever stopped laughing :)

* Capturing Life :)
Her writing is so flowing. It's beautiful. And I love the pictures she posts :)

* Prime :)
His blogging tips are so helpful, and his comments are always so sweet. Thank you so much Prime for the wonderful tips :) You're a genius :D

*Dreaming Wanderer :)
I can go on reading his poems :) Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

*Sie :)
She's a wonderful lady. I've never come across someone as strong and beautiful as her :)

*Sujatha :)
She's another lady I really look upon to :) I love reading her posts and I always look forward to her comments :P

*Sagittarian :)
She's a total sweetheart, and she can write just any form of poetry so well! It's just amazing :)

*Princess Fiona :)

The queen of poetry..I need not say more :)

Thanks a lot to all of you for reading.
You're all my inspiration and each and every reader matters to me :)

Philo :)


    Glad you like my work and this is honestly something to me, not just a award on a blog site it's more then that :)

  2. Hello Philo oh my *blushing* that was a sweet description of me..thank you so much for this award Philo..*hugs hugs* ;)

  3. That was a wonderful news to learn that you were awarded for your lovely writing! May you get many more such awards..

  4. totally well deserved and may The Muse continue to bless this young lady as always :)

    1. Congratulations to you too Sujatha :)

    2. oh its just been 3 days since ur last post? hmmm wonder why i felt been very long. so i came to check ur new post. and then i saw the date of this post. huh!

      oh yeah thanks Israr :)

  5. ♥ Thank you so much for that Philo! You are so kind, because you are honest I will accept that award with delight! It's priceless to be recognized with you! You got a nice blog, and I am always thankful for you for appreciating my tips... for now I am more focused in that field before a new blog called selfblooming will be officially launched... Again thank you my friend! ♥♥♥

    1. You deserved the award Prime :) Thank you for all that you've done :)

  6. Oh sorry I'm late! LOL.:)) This is so lovely Philo! Thank you so much!:) You pamper me with your words, I never knew that my simple writing would be appreciated this much. Oh, thank you so much Philo,:) May God continue to bless you..:) Smile..:) Hugs and kisses my dear..:)

  7. Congratulaaaaaaations , all. :)

    1. you know...somehow i would not mind you being overlord...ha...congratulations....

    2. @ Crystal: Good to see you after so long :)

      @ Brain: Haha. Thank you :)

  8. wow ! congratulation ! u deserve to be awarded :)
    stay connected :)

  9. Philo,

    Congratulations on well deserved award. You first wish is so noble.

    Take care

  10. WoW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL surprise and great honor to be awarded with this one, dear PhilO! Thank you SO much for considering me and my blog worthy of this!

    *Blushing* at my 'title' ~ thank you sweetheart! You are so awesome and nice. It's always a sheer pleasure to come and spend time here, reading your *wonderful* writings! :-) Congratulations to you ♥ and all of the winners here! ~x0x~

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I love dropping by your blog too. And your work is a pleasure to read :)

    2. congratulations to you princess :)

  11. CONGRATS to you on that award and i wish you get more n more in coming days......keep going...:))

  12. Congratulation...!!!
    U deserved that...and to Xain..He really writes well passed on...keep going...:):)

  13. the feeling's what u call "A REAL HIGH" :)
    thnx so much.. it feels so warm,,, M really flattered by wat u just did.. it's a great inspiration for me philo..

    n by d way congrats to you too dear princess of romance.. :) u really know how to blend it n then twist it well :)
    thnx again..

    1. Princess of Romance? :O woah! I'm flattered now :D
      You deserved the award :) Stay high, keep writing :)

  14. Ohho, am I dreaming or what? I reacted the same way the other day when I received previous award! :D

    Philo, thank you so very much for considering me one of those who deserved such an honour! Thank you very much, once again! :) :) This means a lot, more than you'll know! :)

    And yes, congratulations, you too received two awards at a time!

    1. *pinches you* It's the reality :D
      Thank you for awarding me :)

  15. Its indeed a great pleasure to receive an award, isn't it? Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations on your award Philo... :) Its always great to get recognized... Let the awards keep coming on your way!! Congo for all the other awardees too :)


  17. hey
    missing you and love you loadz
    thankyou for showing consideration :) means a lot
    means that i made friends who do justice to the term- FRIEND :)
    well i am fine with the aspects of health
    stressed in terms of studies and extra curriculars
    debates and loadz of compt. coming up
    and i won the debate
    came 3rd in the 2nd compt
    and kal ek or ae so pray and wish me luck :)
    i do read your posts just fail to comment but i know you are awesome i love your stories the love wali specifically.
    :)and 1st march se exams ae. so yeah uski be prep chul rai ae. :)

    i love ya
    take care, miss me. <3

  18. congratulations to you...may you win many many more awards in your life...and congratulations to everybody else who won this award :)

  19. its shows your generosity ,, very nice philo..

  20. congrats again :) :) :)


Your words mean a lot :)