Friday, January 6, 2012

Drenched Together..

(Lost in the rain)

We sat across each other. His face is blank. Expressionless.
I look at him, trying to meet his eyes. But the looks away, refusing to meet mine.
" what?" He asks. "I..I don't know." I manage to say. "You always say that. You were always clueless and that is why we are here today!" He laughs. A sarcastic one. He's rude, bitter and harsh.
I gulp down the lump that was starting to form in my throat. I have nothing to say, yet there is so much I want him to know. My hands reach out to hold his. He's warm..but the warmth feels unfamiliar. He does not pull back. We sit in the silence not knowing what to do.

"It's late. We should go." He finally breaks the silence. I want to stay there, with him holding me. My heart refuses to let go, but my feet somehow drag me out. I follow him..clueless as ever!

"Should I drop you home?" He asks.
"No it's fine."
"Well alright. Bye then!"

"Can I hold you for the last time?" I ask.
I breathe into his neck, and he envelopes me in his arms. I cling to him, and he holds me tight.
He finally breaks free. Kissing me on my forehead, he walks away.
I stand and watch him disappear. And once he's no longer visible, I walk back home.

It rains, and it brings memories..

Coming next: The fresh smell of the earth, Fresh love.


  1. So sad. But I want to read more!
    Who are they and where was he going?
    Why was he soo harsh toward her when she obviously loves him like so much?

  2. 'I can see you but I can't feel you with me, so close yet so far we are' :D
    Beautiful , the invisible agony of an aching heart , well done :)

    At this point , I highly recommend 'Here Comes The Rain Again' by Annie Lennox :)

  3. Where did you find the time to write this? So much for worthwhile distraction!

    Waiting for the next part. :D

  4. I hope it doesn't end like this!!! I want to read more about them!!!

  5. Great writing.:) Very romantic, but sad one, i love the way you penned words here., I was hoping for happy ending,! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Philo,

    Why this break up? Sad but has to have some unavoidable reason.

    Take care

  7. I wonder how can u write so well despite of ur exams. Even during d free time I can never even write just 1 line as u do even in my best dream:) U rock:)

  8. wow Philoooo - its something very deep -
    Philooo i am fed up ov break ups :(

    story is at peak - i am waiting for the next one :)

    hugs - love

    what about your exams??

  9. nice...i like the sensory images in this...engaging and yes i cant wait to see where to next...smiles...

  10. Really engaged the reader with this tale, can't wait to see what happens next.

  11. loved the fragrance :)

    Weakest LINK

  12. They say that the one who kisses you on the forehead is the one you should not let go of.

    Catch him!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. Sad but this is truly a wonderful story my friend, if I got the time I want to read more part of it... you got the emotion in writing this, I must say this is spiced up with the exact amount of imagination...

    Anyway I invite you to submit your blog at our New! SB Blog Directory... see you soon :)

  14. Very emotional and an excellent little story, I hope there's more to come?

  15. Phillooo, I am speechless! I just loved it! :)

  16. Confused love or a love which got too practical and logical.
    Beautifully dealt!

  17. Juhi, you are perfecting the art of asking for more! What next:)

  18. Magnificent
    So well written, gave me goosebumps.

  19. It doesn't matter whether love ends, how or when does it end. What matters is that its a feeling. Perhaps, the truest and purest feeling in the world..and when its the person who taught it to you, you do know how much *alive* you are.. to be capable enough to let him/her teach you.

    People in love look, sound extraoridnarily beautiful..and so do your writings. :)

  20. funny how everyone is worried abt your exams :P

    lovely post :) heartfelt <3

  21. Sad...but want to read more of it.

    Well written :)

  22. Philo..I just loved reading it..sad but..I want more more..does it have to really end there..or maybe it is just a start..both of them missing each other hehehe..passing Philo and I'll be waiting for the next series weeeeeeeeee :)

  23. some of the lines you write are so so so romantic, girl! awesome

    waiting for more & next part of course


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