Friday, May 15, 2009

SaiLin !n Bored()m..

I'm Bored. I'm Bored. And I'm very Bored!!
I'm in love with the song The Climb- Hannah Montana 3
Love the lyrics!!!

Last night I had nothing to do. And I wasn't sleepy. So I drew something!
Here it is :)

I drew it with a pencil and den added the effects with a marker.
Hope you like it! :)

Err...That's all for today! I'm outta stuff to post.
Take Care.
Have Fun!



  1. Another great sketch... and I'm wondering, how come ideas such as these strike us right in the middle of the night, always! :D


  2. Beautiful sketch..
    keep drawing...


  3. are yaar! where is Juhi and her boy?

  4. that is so cool! lolz I got bored so I went and got my haircut! lol Pics on my blog, check em out if you want. =P

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  6. Arnab: I really don't know how these ideas come into my mind. Like I was bored, and when I'm bored, crazy things come into my mind :P

    Pallav: Thanks a ton. Glad you liked my sketch! Love your comments :) ♥♥

    Jaky: I don't have a boy :P And I guess the boat looks good without humans. I don't know how to draw a boy. He'll land up looking like a monkey! :D

    Lydia: Thanks a ton. Will surely check out the piks. I want a haircut too :) But I love my hair!! Can't see it short. Lol!

  7. Nice Sketch ... I love watching Hannah Montanna tooooo

  8. Juhi,

    Very good sketch. Keep up and I am sure you will make us proud one day by being very famous.

    Take care

    PS : May you get bored more often if this is the outcome - drawing sketches I mean.

  9. Ha ha... that was cute, loved it dearie, my lil sis :)
    Good idea, of adding effects with a marker :)

  10. Hey thanks for the comment! Really cheered me up (I'm on my lunch break from work now) I normally do have kohl on my eyes but I took those late in the day and it had worn off.

    Photogenic? Me? Are you blind???

  11. I love it, it's great~

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!


  12. I'm in love with the song the best damn thing by avril lavinge! =)

  13. thts a beautiful pis swthrt. this is wut i felt like writing seein the pic:

    "unsure of our fate,
    we watch our sail in hope.
    calm as the winds maybe
    Aspiring to reach the shore!"

    u got a long way to go grl. and u r blessed with skills. may u reach th heights ur dream has taken you. god bless ya.

  14. That looks like my boat of life going through the waters :))

    Very well done gurl !! You are sooo talented I tell you


  15. Tabhita: Yep. I love Hannah Montana too. People say that she sounds manly. But, she's cool. Love her clothes :)

    Uncle Jack: Thanks a ton. Don't worry. I'm sure to get bored soon again. But dunno about the same outcome! Lol!

    Diya: Thanks a ton. Yea, I normally draw with a marker else with a pen. It's quicker and more fun :) N yea, random!

    Lydia: Glad my comment cheered you up! Keep rocking! ♥

    Annie: Glad you loved it. Thanks a lot!

    Dibsy: I love Avril ♥♥

    Sawan: Wow. Those lines were amazing. My dad loved them :)

    Adisha: Thanks d. Looks like my life boat too. :P hehe!

  16. thnx and namaste to ur dad :)

  17. Wow... love your drawing (:
    And you've quite a personal touch to your blog... lovin' it :P

  18. dat pic is sorta inspirational, because it looks like its floating in the clouds... =)

  19. AAAH...The Climb? Wow...i loved that song long ago..i was in love with it and even wrote it on me blog...! hmm..nice sketch sweetie!

  20. that is soo good! i haven't been able to sleep much either. :P


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