Friday, May 8, 2009

Death ()f L()ve

She stands in front of the mirror.
Water dripping from her body.
Her hair clings to her face
While tears roll down her checks.
She closes her eyes
And she sees him,
She opens them again
And stares hard at her reflection,
Trying to figure out what went wrong.
Said he'd love her till he dies.
As far as she knows,
He's still alive.
She cries her sorrow out,
But there's nobody to listen.
She smashes her reflection which she sees
In the mirror;
Sits down all alone in the corner.
And says
Cheers to the death of love, forever!


  1. Deep! Strong emotions here! Good one. Keep them coming!!!

  2. lot of pain there!! wish love is just in hibernation phase for her. wish she wud recover fast.

  3. That phase doesn't really last forever... although at the time, it probably seems so.

    About the poem - now you see why I'm jealous?? :P

    Cheers, take care...

  4. I can relate to her...Feels a lot like me...Deep Thoughts!!!

  5. oooh, i like that girl's clothes in the piccy, i think i can buy those in hot topic... <3

  6. awwwwww.... the pain has been etched beautifully by u juhi.

  7. Whats with the gloom baby gurl !!

    Highly volatile ...


  8. I loved it. Really raw emotions.

    sorry I havn't been on for a while. I've been away with my year.

  9. Good one from you, once again! That's back to your style once again. There's determination towards something positive in the end. A shift towards positive.... keep it up!

  10. thanks for the kind comment. lovely poem, btw.

    did you write it?

  11. Hi Juhi
    How are you..long time....Havent heard from you...Take Care

  12. Juhi..
    nw ths time u hv tell me frm whr did u get these thots..
    i mean i dieing to see ur talent..
    girl u gonna hit ths world..
    May god bless u..
    again another inspirational post frm u for me..
    i dnt think i can write smthng like ths in future...

    hope for the best..
    n thnak s for the comment..


  13. Wow... it's beautiful
    Cheers to the death of love, forever! ):


Your words mean a lot :)