Saturday, May 23, 2009

15 Days To Go...

Hi Guys.
I know I've become really irregular in posting. But it's just that I've become so lazy in these hols! It felt like my holidays have just started but now I realized that just fifteen days are left for my school to reopen. I'm kinda looking forward to get back to school cause I'm really missing my friends. But getting back to school means getting back to studies and that's something I'm really not looking forward to.
Our sections are gonna change this time, so...I hope my friends and I remain together. Like, my best friend, Udita and I have been in the same classes since the 6th grade. That's four years. Don't know about the 10th. Hope we're still together. I guess we will, cause we're gonna select the same subjects. Lets see.
I went over to Udita's place last night. Met her after a whole month. There was a lot we had to catch up with!
Afternoons are boring. All I do is sleep and get bored. My dad just got my library card renewed, so I'm posting this from the library. Got really awesome books to read!
Anyways, my time's up so I gotta go! Catch you guys later. Have a great day :)


  1. hahahhahah i remember when my section had got changed to the merit section.. and all my friends were still in the same section..all my friends had gone to the principal with an application signed by all of them..

    my principal brought down the eligibility criteria to be in the merit section by 3% and that way all my friends got in the merit section with me..

    p.s. merit section was created based on our marks of 9th std, to put the creamy layer of all the sections together..for increase the competition in 10th boards..

    hahahaahah you made me nostalgic.. :D

  2. hey i'm back i like these last posts and i'm waiting on your next, but hey come check my new posts out in the mean time

  3. Only 15 days... only 15 days... I'm not going to lie. My eyes hurt, and I only read the first part of your post. O.k.... wait a second... o.k. finished your post, and to prove it, what awesome books did u get?

  4. hmmm.. Poor girl..
    i knw we all love to go school only for our frnds.. not for studies...



  5. Enjoy the hols now that you have them kid... you never know when you'll run out of them :D


  6. Enjoy hols and school life till you can kiddo !! This care free life is so missed by those of us struggling through the next phases... lolzzz

  7. hope everything goes good for you and that you post soon! :)

  8. Juhi,

    Holidays do make you a little lazy. Enjoy as much as you can. All the best for having friends in the same section.

    Take care

  9. enjoy the holidays friend :)..



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