Monday, May 11, 2009


Dead bodies all around, blood smell filled the place.
Gun shots followed by people's screams.
Children crying, everybody running.
Families breaking, leaving shocked hearts.

She held on to her mother's hand.
Ran as fast as her feet could take her.
Tried to keep up with her mother

They ran through the crowd
Their hearts beating fast.
Afraid of getting killed,
Like their other family members.

Tears ran down their cheeks.
Their feet refused to take them any further,
The bad were following them,
Trying to get them and kill them.

The bullet was aimed right at her head,
She fell with a bang, and let go of her daughter's hand.
The poor girl didn't know what was happening,
She sat down besides her mother
Numb with fear.

He ran through the crowd.
He was fighting all this time for his life.
When he saw his little sister and his dead mother,
He knew he had to get them.

She held on to her mother's hand.
Asked her to get up and take her away.
He came from the back and pulled her away,
Avoided her little pleas and cries.

He ran to save his sister from the bad hands.
He fought with them and tried to rescue his only family left.
He had almost caught her hand,
When the bullet was aimed...and his life was shattered,
And she saw another shocking death.

The five-year-old girl didn't understand anything,
She just cried and screamed for her mother.
She wanted to go to her brother,
But somebody tied her hands and legs
And locked her in the dark,
Where she couldn't see anything.

She was numb.
She was hurt.
Her hands were bleeding, she couldn't figure out anything.

The gunshots didn't stop.
She could hear the others screaming.
Each shot made her more scared.
They all reminded her of the family she lost out there.

And she figured out something.
She figured out what was going to happen to her.

This innocent little girl, who had just started to live her life!

Umm..Okay, I hope you liked my poem. Last night while sleeping, I was listening to this song called 'Zombie' by 'The Cranberries'. It's an old song, but it's very touching. I was inspired to write this poem from that song.
People are killed. Violence is increasing. Families are breaking. Innocent people are killed. Innocent kids are taken away.
It's really sad that today's world is so selfish. If this carries on, one day...we'll all be nowhere!
"Make Peace. Not War!"
I hope you liked my poem.
Take care :)


  1. Wow gurl .. You so totally ROCK ...


  2. Juhi,

    Read 2 posts now. Why so depressed in Death of Love? Very pessimistic.This one really touches the chord in heart. Senseless killings are so inhuman. If you find time visit me and read a post I had written on last thoughts of victim of terrorist attack. It was a couple of months ago.

    Take care

  3. Very true poem. We can just look a few months into the past, and can see just how true it all is. You've done a great job here.

    Zombie by The Cranberries, even I love that song. I've liked it ever since I heard it, which was quite a few years earlier...

    Keep writing girl... Cheers...

  4. Experimenting? I appreciate that. Reading this was like you narrating a scene for me. It is quite strong and clearly descriptive too. A decent job!!! Keep writing!!!

  5. i think somewhr u hv written ths for me..bcz i m going through wid all ths...


  6. juhi, commentable.. its beautiful, thoughts well scribbled!! *respects*

  7. hmm...pretty touchin....loved it.....

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    please click on the link below and honour me by accepting the surprise

    p.s. I am sorry for being irregular here.. :( will be back for more.. hugss!!

  9. So Cute...U must be having fun sitting at home...when does ur school reopen...take care

  10. i did! i thought it was very good! i love songs like that, im gonna google it later! :)

  11. girl.. the way u hv penned down d poem is awesome.

    i pray that one day peace will rule everywhr and not the war.

  12. That was a awsome poem...reminds me of CSI...


    Plz follow my blog?

  13. @ Juhi..
    first and foremost.. thx for lovely comment on my poem.., hope tht in future too u wud appreciate my work..
    Read all ur stuff.. its really amzing juhi tht.. at such a young age u write these lovely creations.. u r really talented..

  14. Fabulous Juhi! Till date, one of your best ones. Touching, painful, thought provoking, strong and daring!
    Keep it up.


Your words mean a lot :)